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Any suggestions on London 6-day itinerary? Thanks

Day 1 Tuesday
Approx. 9 am Check in at hotel
Eat breakfast near hotel (near Mews & Buckingham Palace)
11:00 Changing of the Guards
Big Bus Tour - Hop On Hop Off
4:00 Horseguards
Cruise - Walk around sites

Day 2 Wednesday
RS Westminister Walk
Tour some sites on the walk
Lunch along the way
Return to hotel via Birdcage walk

Hyde Park to see Christmas lights, etc
Stop in at Harrods, Harvey Nichols, etc.
Walk back to hotel

Day 3: Thursday
AM: RS City Walk
Tea at Beas of Bloomsbury
Go onto RS Bankside Walk - Tower of London tour

Maybe Covent Gardens Christmas market

Day 4: Friday
Oxford Street Shopping
Liberty Dept Store
Regent Street

Not sure

Day 5 - Saturday
Borough Market - hopefully they still have food trucks
Not sure - guess fill in with what we haven't seen
Churchill's Museum

Day 7: Sunday
Services at Westminister
Rest of Day open

Day 7- Monday Depart

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I don't see any museums or galleries.
National Gallery
British Museum
National Portrait Gallery
Tate Modern
Tate Britain
V&A Museum
Natural History Museum
Science Museum
Transport Museum
Imperial War Museum

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Yes I know. We want to see the British Museum so that might be inserted in "open" spaces. Otherwise, not sure what other museums my daughter wants to see. Thank you

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How old is you daughter? I would sggest spending time at The Tower of London; riding the LondonEye (regardless of age) and seeing at least one show in London
Also consider a day trip out of the city .

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Borough Market is intolerably crowded on a Saturday. I would strongly recommend a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday instead when many of the locals are at work.

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My daughter is an adult. I did have the market originally down for Thursday then changed it. Thank you

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You won't find many food trucks at Borough Market.

It is a market. Vendors have stalls. Food is fun. Saturday is a little busy. Remember to cross the street and see what is on the other side. Enjoy.

Day one is very busy if you have just landed with jetlag.

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Where are you arriving from on Day 1? How do you get to your hotel at 9 a.m.?

Bea's of Bloomsbury in Bloomsbury has great scones, if you are there late enough so they're baked and early enough so they're not sold out. It's not a great tea, though. Their big item is American-style cupcakes and they have a limited selection of savories. It's tiny and more like a neighborhood deli (that sells sweets instead of sausages) than a proper, comfortable, quiet setting. I haven't been to the St. Paul's location. There are lots of better places for afternoon tea. A few that are more central that have been recommended to me: Liberty's (it's on your itinerary), Fortnum & Mason's, the Wolseley, Brumus, National Portrait Gallery cafe.

A fun place for lunch that's on the RS city walk path is Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, 145 Fleet Street. Wander down the stairs to the lowest floor before deciding where you want to sit.

Borough Market gets very crowded with locals at lunchtime during the week. It's better to go early in the day. Kappacasein sells the best toasted cheese sandwich I've ever eaten. It's worth lining up for.

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  • British Museum

  • St Pauls with climb to the top of the dome

  • Harry Potter Studios (only if someone with you is a fan of the books or movies though)

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I am going to make note of them. We saw the food trucks at Borough Market on a TV food show and thought that might be fun - the food looked amazing. Maybe they don't do that any more. I also wanted to go somewhere else for the tea but my daughter saw Beas on a website and thought it looked nice. I would prefer one of the other places. We are flying into Heathrow - overnight flight. I usually try to stay busy on arrival day so I can get into the routine of the time zone. I was thinking about moving the HOHO to the next day to make better use of the tour. Thanks again.

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Nordheim, I am a Harry Potter fan but so far just planning on seeing 9 1/2 at the train station. I am also a Poldark fan (BBC America)- hoping to see him.

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Now THAT would make a great trip!
Actually 20 years ago, having seen the original version of Poldark with Robin Ellis; we planned a week in Cornwall. We hiked past the home that was used for Nampara. What a beautiful countryside and a great week- even if we did not see either Ross or Demelza!
Put Cornwall on your bucket list!

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LOL - yes it would. We will try to fit in a trip to Cornwall. Thank you

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As your Friday night is free, may I suggest London Walks' Along The Thames Pub Walk. The guide for this walk - which meets at 7p at Mansion House Tube Station - is usually David Tucker, who brings tremendous enthusiasm and a historical perspective to the itinerary which takes you near St Paul's, into SoHo, across the Millennium Bridge, and ends at an establishment that dates from the 1500's (can't remember the name, right by the Tate Museum). A great mix of neighborhoods' full of history, with a stop every thirty minutes or so for a pint off the local tap. Wonderful experience and small groups (usually no more than 8-10 people).

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If all the travel Gods are in good spirits and you are able to get from Heathrow to your hotel, check in and get out the door at least an hour before the Changing of the Guards in order to get a good viewpoint, then I commend you. If something goes haywire might I suggest a back up plan?! That just might be walking from your hotel over to see the Palace (after missing the 15 minutes of the Changing of the Guards ceremony), then walking down the Mall to the Horseguards, then up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square. Lunch in the crypt at St Martin's of Fields and depending on your stamina on over to Covent Garden Christmas Fare or visit the National Gallery or walk up to Piccadilly circus and then up Regent Street to Liberty. All the holiday decorations will be out. Store windows adorned. It will be a cacophony of sites, sounds and smells following your overnight flight and should help you get rid of the jet lag!!!! Tube back to your hotel to get a good night's sleep. On Day 7 after Westminster services might I suggest something completely different; head off to the East End to take a Graffiti and Street Art tour ( or simply go have lunch at Spittafield's Market. Might be a tea dance to watch! Great city! Have a wonderful visit!

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We added a day to our London stay "just in case" the flight Gods weren't with us. Backup plan looks good. The pub walk sounds interesting. I had not seen that one in my research. My daughter doesn't drink - so she will be my designated walker. All the suggestions are so helpful.

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If Poldark is out scything somewhere, I'll make the day trip.

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Why all the stops at department stores? There is so much to see in London, and stores really are just stores (and, expensive ones, at that).

I agree with the pp about the museums and galleries. See the history of London (in most cases, it's free).

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Hello Barbara. I will not say much about your choice of places in London. But I think you could make more efficient use of your time in London. You said Day 2 - Westminster Walk. And Day 7 - Church service at Westminster. Why not do the "Westminster walk" on the day when you attend a church service at Westminster ? I think your plans would be better if you will not be in Westminster abbey (church) on a Sunday. On a week day morning, you could walk by the Big Ben Bell tower, and walk by a side of the British Parliament building, and enter Westminster Abbey (church), and walk along Whitehall street to the place where the Queen's Horse Guards Parade begins at 11.00 A.M. And walk away from that place at about 11:30 A.M. Many people said being at the place where the Queen's Horse Guards Parade begins, at 11:00 A.M. is better than standing outside the fence in front of Buckingham Palace. In front of Buckingham palace you might not be able to see the Horse Guards parade because of people in front of you. After walking away from the place where the Queen's Horse Guards Parade starts (near Whitehall street) at 11:00 A.M., you could walk toward Trafalgar Square, and eat lunch at an eatery near there. And go in the underground Churchill museum. And look at pictures in a few rooms in British National Gallery (of Art) at Trafalgar square. Entrance to that art Galleries has free admission. And, the day you visit the Tower of London, I recommend also walking through the Museum of London. I think it is ideal to go to the Museum of London in a traveler's first or second whole day in London, as seeing the exhibits in that museum can help to give meaning to the other places that a person will see in London. Instead of going in two or three department stores in London, would you like to visit one department store, and walk into some of the antiques and collectibles stores at Portabello Road ?