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Any meseum will be open on the queen's funeral date

In case too crowded to squeeze in line to pay tribute to the queen on Sept-19, any chance that any museum will be open on the date?

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I can't say for certain, but since it is a national day of mourning, I would think not.

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As the date of the funeral has only been announced today, we will have to wait until later in the week to see what is open and closed on the 19th, but I would be surprised if any museum or gallery plans to open that day.

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I took a London Walks tour today and asked whether the company had decided whether it would be running tours on the day of the funeral. The guide said he'd had no word but thought there would probably be no tours that day.

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I highly doubt that any museums or other attractions will be open on 19 September. Some restaurants and other tourist facilities may also be closed. I'm sure the employees will want to pay their respects to The Queen.

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The day of the funeral has been declared a bank holiday. I think you will need to assume that most places will be shut.

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The funeral is also on a Monday. Many museums are closed on Mondays routinely.

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While I doubt as well that any museum will be open, you might look at some of the paid ones such as the Transport museum. My best guess is that everything is shut and London resembles Christmas Day except for having public transit available

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I've just seen a note that some supermarkets and Harrods have announced that all branches will be shut for the entire. We have nearly a week for the others to make announcements.

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To add on to what Nigel reported, the following stores will be closed on Monday:




John Lewis



WH Smith



Tesco Express and Sainsbury Local are expected to open at 5 PM on Monday. Supermarkets on the funeral route may stay open to serve those attending the funeral or procession.

It's expected that many businesses, restaurants and pubs may close for the duration of the funeral itself.

Expect more announcements as the week progresses.

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Costco has just sent a message saying they are closed too.

I would expect almost everywhere to be.

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Are these closures in London only? I'll be in Winchester on Monday and my city tours have been cancelled, but haven't heard about restaurants. Wondering if we need to grab some food the day before to eat in our room that day.

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Plan for the entire country to close down.

It's the most significant occasion in 70 years - likely to be the most witnessed event in human history for the person who likely met more people than anyone, and was/is the most depicted individual of all time.

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The following will be closed on Monday for the Queen's funeral:

All National Heritge Sites

British Museum

National Gallery

Science Museum

The V & A

Natural History Museum

British Library

Chruchill War Rooms

Imperial War Museum

Tower of London

Hampton Court

Kensington Palace

Museum of London

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Further announcements

McDonalds closing all branches

Tesco all main stores will all close all day but Tesco Express will open at 5pm and close at their normal (fairly early usually)

Some small number of trains into London will run all night

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M&S have announced that all company owned stores will close except three near Westminster Abbey including the one at Green Park, and the one in Windsor. Some of their small railway and airport franchise locations may remain open.