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Any advice on walking Hadrian's Wall

Interested in the number of days it took you to walk it, where you stayed, and how you found the terrain

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I recently ran across quite few podcasts on Spotify about Walking Hadrian's wall. Seems like about 5-7 days to do it. It sounds amazing! All the best!

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Start in Bowness on Solway and head east

Stops will then be Carlisle, Banks, Once Brewed, Chollerford, East Wallhouses, Newburn, Wallsend

First few days would be about 14 miles but the distances reduce as the trip goes on

Total would be 7 days

It goes up and it goes down - the route really does vary but the most you would go up in a day would be about 600 metres

Do note that accommodation options are limited for most of the route.

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I wish I'd done this when I had more energy. I think the idea of east to west is that the prevailing wind will be behind you. You may have seen this website with a lot of logistical info. This company would be worth checking out if you don't want to carry all your stuff every day.

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Dick - it’s actually west to east to go with the prevailing winds. Although had you done it in the last few weeks it wouldn’t have been.

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That's right, John, I meant west to east with the wind behind you.

I have this east-west problem because I grew up near the Atlantic, where the ocean is east, then moved to near the Pacific. I still think of the ocean as east of me after 40+ years. Seems to be no cure. If I'd grown up in Britain closer to two coasts I might not have this problem. ;-)

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Especially in summer the prevailing winds issue can be overstated.
Prevailing means normal or average. You could easily have a whole week of easterly winds, not even slightly unusual.
There is a lot to be said for going from a known end point on the east coast to a relatively arbitrary end point on the west coast. Bowness on Solway may have been the end of the wall per se, but a very significant chain of associated fortifications continued down the Cumbrian coast for almost the same distance and then across the Lake District.
Also accommodation (if sticking religiously to the wall) and transport becomes harder as you head west, as does how much there physically is to see of the wall.
I say transport because many people use transit to drop off the wall to find accommodation in the nearby towns. In spite of what many will say with a bit of thought and effort and knowledge accommodation is not that hard to find.
It is entirely possible to do the wall from one or two bases.
If necessary from Newcastle and Carlisle.
Also do not be blind to the other history along the well-known just myopic Roman centred history. There is a lot of other really interesting history, maybe more so at the West end than the east end. But that may be because I know the west end of the wall that bit better than the east.
You can make sectional end points where on earth you want. Any other posters who give definite section breaks are merely giving their own experiences. There are many possibilities. Absolutely no right or wrong way to do the walk.

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I haven't walked it but we just stayed at Twice Brewed Inn a few days ago and liked it very much. We saw lots of walkers staying there

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There is lots of information on this website including a profile map which will give an indication of just how many ups and downs you will encounter along each stretch. Between Haltwhilste and Housesteads there are a lot! Climbing up to the highest point at Whinshields Crags, there are a lot of minor summits to tackle. You arrive at the top and there's another drop and summit facing you! (We began to refer to these as "b****r mes" and from memory I think there were 6 or 7 betweern Haltwhistle and Whinshields Crags.)

It is a well marked path but be warned if there has been a lot of rain areas around stiles or gates can get very muddy.

The number of days will, depend on what you feel comfortable covering in a day. On the flatter areas at the ends you will be able to cover longer sidatnaces. On the middle section, you may not want to cover as many.

Plan accommodation to walking distance. There is a list of accommodation ideas here. Be warned quite a few do involve quite a walk from the wall at the end of the day and again the next morning! Also in some areas, there is limited accommodation, which can book up quickly at popular times, so do plan and book well in advance.

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Look at this website and consider hiring Peter for one of the days. We had an orientation day from him that was amazing and then we walked sections of the wall for the next few days independently.

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If Carol or anyone reading this is interested in walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall with a guided group, this organization provides a good option:

Or one can use the itinerary for information on the length and difficulty of each segment and possible lodging options. They divide the distance into six days, with 13-15 miles of walking each day.

For independent hiking (without a group), one can look at the self-guided treks offered by companies such as Mac’s Adventures, Contours, Celtic Trails, and others.

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By the way on last Saturday's RS radio show a hoppa bus was mentioned on the core section of the wall.
That is the bus service AD122.
It is now an overstatement to call it a Hoppa Bus (it was in its heyday), as it runs every two hours.
It is still very useful and is the means of dropping off the wall to the nearby towns do accommodation.
At the time of writing the route map on the Go North East website for the service is incorrect.
I have been advised by PM by another forum member that GNE are aware and in process of correcting the map.

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After some to-ing and fro-ing with Go North East they have now confirmed (just hours before the deadline) that the £2 fare cap has been extended to the end of October, and that applies to the AD122 as well.

They had informed another forum member that the AD122 was a "special service" so the fare cap did not apply. But they now accept that was not correct.