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Another London Bridge is Falling Down

This story popped up on PBS radio this morning, but it is not new.

(Apologies for the paywall, but the photos are good). This one from the Guardian has no paywall.:

I am sorry to see this---it is such a beautiful bridge. But the cast iron is difficult or impossible to repair.
Apparently the danger of collapse is great enough that even boats are banned from passing underneath it, along with pedestrians on the riverside path.

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Wow, what a beautiful bridge Lola. I did not read the entire Guardian story but hoping the politicians will come to an agreement and at least make it a pedestrian bridge. Would be heart breaking to take it apart. Maybe repurpose some of the bridges parts somehow. Oh, but that might open up a whole other can of worms. 😥

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The Hammersmith Bridge debacle is one of the reasons that the annual Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford is happening in Ely this weekend instead of on the Thames.

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Hammersmith has been in deteriorated condition for quite a long time . It is heartbreaking to see such a marvelous work of engineering and architectural art go to seed like this . On my last visit to London , my wife and I , visited the bridge and walked the span . The bridge , originally designed by William Tierney Clark ( he also designed The Chain Bridge , in Budapest ) , figures prominently in Dennis Potter's brilliant 1978 drama " Pennies From Heaven " Nine hours long , and a brilliant work of drama and literature , here is the ending on the bridge , the two principal characters , Arthur and Eileen are played by Bob Hoskins , and Cheryl Campbell -

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Well, Londoners at least got a 100 yrs or so use from their bridges. Much better than Seattle did with its largest and newest major bridge ( just search 'West Seattle bridge')

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The West Seattle Bridge if but one of many failures we have had around Puget Sound, beginning with Galloping Gertie (Google that one if you haven’t heard of it). And remember the Hood Canal Bridge breaking apart, with a truck driver backing off as the bridge crumpled and sank in front of him?

The Hammersmith Bridge, unlike any of our Seattle bridges, is a work of art.

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Spooky was just about to post what is it with the Pacific NW and bridge troubles (tacoma narrows)

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It is going to be a long haul. TfL announced today that there will be a ferry service for pedestrians and cyclists run by Uber Boats but not until the end of the summer.

It is probably hitting residents of North Barnes the hardest as they tended to use the day to day facilities in Hammersmith.

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Our airbnb stay our last two visits was very near to that (a few minutes walk) - now I feel bad we didn't take more than a glance at it.