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Another Cotswold Hotel Question

I am researching hotel/B&B.s for Cotswold Way. Here are some glitches: the travel guides do not list many places. I then go to and Many places are sold out in July and August (We are a family of three.). Many of the hotels do not seem to be on the route and are listed as 5 miles from a town, etc.. We are hikers. We want to find places that are within walking distance of the "trail". We are going to delay this trip for 1 year, so we can better plan it. How can I know that an Inn is on the walking route? Some list city center. The (or other booking sites) maps do not indicate how close a hotel/Inn is to the hiking course. What Summer month is best for this trip? We are limited to Summer due to my child's school schedule.

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Use this link

Under General Info tick the Accommodation box then zoom in on the map to see the location of B&Bs on the route.

I think this is the best book for walking the Cotswold Way

I don't think a general booking site is best for this type of holiday. Many small b&bs will not be listed on the likes of expedia.

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Your best bet is the local tourists board sites, they will list everything. and the like only list those who are prepared to pay there fees, and have a computerised booking system. This does not apply to small B&B's. They also tend to mangle listings according to their rules, not providing the info you want.
"Some list city center" - if it is in a city it is not what you are looking for. There are no cities in the Cotswolds, you want villages.

I suggest you get the Ordnance Survey maps for your intended route. They are also available online via BIng Maps. This is what you want when you are on your walks. A good B&B will list their National Grid Reference, which is the co-ordinate system used on OS maps, so you can find the locations.
Also, British Postcodes locate a place to within a few houses. If you know the postcode you can enter it into Bing Maps and find the building.

Edit: The link Ramblin' on gave you ( ) also zooms down to OS maps- great.

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As I said in your other post here are two book that you most definitely need...The Cotswold Way National Trail can get it on Amazon. It lists B&Bs/Hotels, the other is Cotswold Way by Bob Hayne which has great maps to you each day.

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Hi Robin,
I did buy the trailblazer Cotswold Way book by the Haynes. It's great for maps, but not accommodations. I bought the rough guide. It's rather limited in many ways (maps and accommodations). The national trail companion that you recommended was outrageously priced last time I checked on Amazon, unless there are new listings now. I will check again to see if the prices have improved.

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You can get the Cotswolds Way National Trail Companion on Amazon for $16.00.

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Check Ebay for your books. Sometimes you find much better prices there than on Amazon.

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We used Andrew Guppy, Cotswold Walks, this past August. We stayed in the Cotswolds for 8 nights.