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... and there goes yet another airline down the pan ...

Flybe has been acquired for one British pence per share by a consortium of Richard Branson's empire and others. It severely undervalues the airline relative to another offer from Mesa airline and others because that better deal couldn't be brought in with enough time to keep the planes in the air, whereas the worse deal could happen immediately and maybe Flybe could keep flying.

It is probably worth checking regularly if you have reservations with them. Nobody knows how long they will hang on.

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A lot of that going around recently. Condolences to those impacted.

Personally, I have flown on Flybe several times on my last trip to the UK, and found the experience perfectly reasonable, the costs in line with what I would expect, and overall quite good. It's going to be harder to get around the region by air if they disappear completely.

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Flybe rejected a takeover from Stobart alone valuing them at around 40p a share only a year or so ago. Stobart are folding in their own air activities into the new JV company. Mind you, Virgin Atlantic's record on running short haul / domestics isn't good