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Alternatives to The Stockpot

I was so excited to try this restaurant that everyone seemed to love and, come to find out, they've closed. Are there alternatives anyone might recommend? Thanks so much, CiCi

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There is always The Stockpot on Kings Road ... same name, similar food (although more Italian), around since the 1960s.

I recall the Soho Stockpot as being described as a restaurant where the cooking doesn't matter. These types of places have been overtaken by change in taste, increases in cost, and increasing ages of the owners.

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The Stockpot offered a wide range of food, so long as it was deep fried and the plate swam in grease. All the food was over-cooked - no rare burgers here. The tea tasted like it was brewed the day before. They were cheap, which is probably why they lasted so long. Good hangover cures. You smelt of chips for the rest of the day.

I can't think of anywhere that is quite like The Stockpot that hasn't been closed down by the Environmental Health department. There remain a dwindling number of independently owned restaurants in areas such as the roads off Haymarket, the backstreets of Soho and Carnaby Street that will offer all day breakfasts and plenty of dishes with chips as a base.

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Agree with Emma, most pubs have offerings similar to what was served in The Stockpot. Pot pies, burgers, salads, fish and chips. I like scanning food blogs before I travel figuring that locals always know where to find a good meal. This food blog is very informative. FYI burger bars seem popular in London at the moment. Mildred's is a vegetarian restaurant with fabulous soups. Enjoy your visit to London.

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You can probably get the same food or slightly better at any Wetherspoons pub. The food is generally regarded as "adequate" but they often have some interesting beers.

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Oh wow. I thought I remember reading great reviews about The Stockpot somewhere here in the forums...maybe I was mistaken. While we will be eating our share of "pub-grub" we were looking for some reasonably priced local places....we are staying in the St. James area...thanks so much for your replies!