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Airmail sticker required?

Hi, this is a dumb question, but if I'm mailing a postcard from England back to the U.S., do I need to put an airmail sticker on it? Thanks! I leave for London tomorrow, and this forum has been so helpful!

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NO. The postage stamp will indicate the rate.

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you can ask for a sticker at the post office when you buy your stamp

but your postcard will still get to the US if you don't use one

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All letter mail between Canada and Europe, including the UK, goes only by air and has for years. It would be surprising if letters between the US and the UK can still be sent by surface mail.

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Airmail is now 'International Standard delivery in 5-7 days (£1.05 for a postcard, ie letter under 10g). There is an 'International Economy' which takes up to 5-7 weeks - and saves 15p.

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The sticker came with my postcard stamps, so I used it. I'm not sure what would have happened if I didn't. They arrived in a timely manner, I.e.before I got back from my trip.

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No longer really needed, but may help in sorting.

Or the old standard, writing near the stamp 'PAR AVION - AIRMAIL'.