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Airline tickets from DC to London

I will be travelling in July from Washington DC to London for 3 weeks trip. Right now the prices show up as $1100 for round trip (non-stop flights). Is this average price or will it go lower? Should I book the ticket now or wait couple of months?
Thank you

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You are traveling during high season. If you can get a ticket for $1100.00, book it. I just checked several sights for a ticket traveling in July, from the airport in Ohio that I would use, and all the tickets were around $1800.00-1950.00.

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It's very common for DC to have lower prices for international travel. We've booked several international trips from DC over the years specifically because of the lower prices.

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I think that is a good price for a non-stop in the middle of peak summer season.

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Are you searching flights from Dullas and BWI? BWI is sometimes cheaper.

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That's a very good rate for a peak season flight.
When using one of the travel search websites (Travelocity for example) use "WAS" in the "flying from" box to do a blanket search of all the DC area airports (Dulles, National and BWI), then select the one that works best for you.
Once you've narrowed down your choice suggest going to the specific airline website to book directly with them...will save a bit of hassle if there are any issues with the booking rather than having to deal with a 3rd party.

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If you're looking at the United flight out of IAD, that's a good price for that time of year. It rarely gets lower than $800-900 range and in recent years has been hovering around $900-$1100. And if you have a hard time sleeping on planes, there's a daytime flight that leaves about 9 or 9:30am. It's a great option!

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I live in Ireland but fly home a few times a year to the D.C. area. A few suggestions:

Open a or or some other country's page to get different pricing!

Try all three DC airports as you do pricing.

And know this: after years of this regular route going often, i will ONLY fly BritishAir out of BWI now. I've had the best service. They don't charge for alcohol (this matters to me) and the food and movies are great. They rebooked a flight for me at no charge when i broke my arm in another state and couldnt get to BWI in time. It's BWI to Heathrow and since its night you can sleep on the plane and get there in the morning ready to explore!

I'll NEVER fly United again. On a return to BWI they cancelled, 9 hours early, a 5 pm NJ to BWI flight "due to weather" on a glorious day - so of course we had no recourse as it was weather related. They had no flight til the next day. We ended up taking the train which United ticketed incorrectly and the Amtrak people tried to kick about 35 of us out at Baltimore train station since the train tickets weren't all the way to the airport. The guy finally let everyone stay on to the airportbecause people were freaking out. A nightmare. United never apologized or even acknowledged our complaints!

Good luck!

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Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I booked the non-stop flight ticket 4 days ago for $1100 and right now the price jumped up to $1300 for cheapest non stop flight for any airline. I am glad I asked question here and then booked it based on your suggestions.
Thank you.

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Here is the next suggestion. Now that you have booked your flight, don't keep checking prices. You were able to get a good price, relax and enjoy it.