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Hi, everyone. Any thoughts on whether airline prices will go up or down after the UK opens this summer?

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Marjie, any response you get here will simply be guesses from people and you won't have any more definitive information than when you started. Are you trying to "time your purchase" for the lowest price? Even in pre-covid times this could be quite the challenge. I'm not sure anyone really knows what to expect in covid-times.

This is what I do know: It is a good idea to start tracking the typical prices for the route(s) that you might be interested in. British Airways has a sale on through July 14th. Once you decide what is a "good buy", purchase the ticket and don't look back second guessing yourself. Many airlines do allow changes now and some people have been able to change their tickets for the lower price versions on Delta as reported on the forum. You would have to know your particular airlines policy on this before trying that approach.

I wish you the very best on your trip.

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Airfares are set by computer alogirthms that take into account a host of variables that change dynamically/ in real time. They go up and down all the time (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc) based on demand, supply, competitor prices, etc. Think of fares like stocks. No one can predict exact numbers - just that the prices will bob up and down. Unfortunately, even the algorithms can't rely on historical info from the past year due to the shock caused by the pandemic, so expect unpredictability.

Look at fares over several months and be flexible in your searches. When the price bobs down enough for you to feel comfortable, then you'll take the bait and purchase the ticket.

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I guess I am still unsure whether the UK will “open up this summer.”

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Sorry, but what makes you think that the U.K. will open up to Americans this summer? IF it does, prices will rise, based on what has happened across Europe this year when places open up.

Covid cases are predicted by the medical experts to hit 100,000 a day, so it’s unlikely to open up at this time. If it does, why would anybody want to come here with that level of infection?

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July 19, 2021 is supposed to be “Freedom Day” in Britain, but at this point, that seems to be for Brits at home, and not exactly opening up for foreigners.

My wild guess is that airline prices, then and in the future, aren’t going down. If you see an acceptable flight price, get it right away, or you’ll be paying more if you wait.

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I'm using Google Flights tracking option to get hints of airfare costs potential flights to Dublin and home from London in July and August of 2022.

I say "hints" because that time-frame is not yet available. So I'm actually looking at April-May 2022.

The prices continue to vary widely. The email notice I got today for Delta indicated a price rise from $1016 to $1599.

Clicking on the Price History shows the price ups and downs for all the airlines I'm tracking from different US departure and return airports. Although none is immune from spikes, at least now both Aer Lingus and British Airways are on the surface tracking lower.

Your time is much shorter, so prices may be more real, but whether or not you can really go may be another matter.