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afternoons free

I am taking a 7 day London trip with Rick Steves guided tour. It mentions that some days we have afternoons free. Does anybody know approx. what time our afternoons are free?

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Roughly noon/1 pm till abut 6 pm.

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I would suggest that you email the tour department and ask them. I've found them quite helpful.

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I have not done this tour but I did do the RS Best of England so I've done some of the things listed on this tour.

In looking at the itinerary, here's my best guess until someone who has taken the tour posts:

Day 2: After lunch, Westminster Abbey tour, then free time afterwards. I would guess you would be free about 3:30.

Day 3: Free time after afternoon tea -so I would guess between 4 and 5

Day 4: Evening is free

Day 5: Hard to judge on this day. You go to Windsor Castle in the AM then probably are free from lunch on, so maybe 1PM?

Day 6: Again, you are on your own for lunch and then the afternoon so you probably separate from the group about 1PM.