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Advice request re itinerary

Hi Everyone

My family would want to visit London Paris Brussels Antwerp Bruges Edinburgh and depart London - all in two weeks. Appreciate your help in drafting our itinerary. Is this plan to visit 5-6 places feasible?

Hoping for your advice and insights.


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Is this itinerary feasible? Not really.
You do best to fly open jaw--into one city and out of another. Backtracking is inefficient and expensive.
Remember that each time you move, you essentially lose a day. And great cities are worthy of at least 4 days/nights.

A better itinerary would be London to Paris (on Eurostar). Then fly the cheap European airline up to Edinburgh. Fly home from there.
Save Belgium for your next trip and also go to Amsterdam.

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If you have 14 nights, not including travel to and from Europe.

1. Fly in to London (4 nights)
5. Train to Edinburgh (3 nights)
8. Fly to Brussels. Train to Ghent (3 nights)
9. Day to Bruges
10. Day to Antwerp
11. Visit Brussels en route by Thalys to Paris (4 nights)
15. Fly out of Paris

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Rick Steves says that there are four cities in Europe that deserve a one week visit. London and Paris are on that list (the others are Rome and Istanbul). There are many interesting day trip options from these cities.

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It is doable but not, in my opinion, very feasible. You will make six major relocations and it always takes longer to go from Point A to Point B than planned even if things go well. Each relocation will eat up 3/4 of a day (or more) each time. That means you'll lose a great deal of time just relocating. To keep the amount of lost time to a minimum, strive to keep it to only two places (three at the most) and do a day trip or two from each. Perhaps London, Paris (easy to get to from London), and ? For the sake of harmony, have the family decide on the two (or three) places that are of the greatest interest and stick to those.

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Many thanks for your advice. Very much appreciated. We will take them on board as we plan for our holiday.