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Accommodations in/near Brampton

Finishing up our 3 week tour of England and Wales jn Brompton/Oxford area. Would love to be able to stay close enough to both so we can tour, yes, Downton Abbey Village and Oxford before turning in our car in Oxford - flying home to the US from Heathrow.
Would prefer a cottage with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (there are 4 of us). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Would love to stay under $250/per night. Thx

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Just a heads up on the spelling.
There is a city named Brampton in Canada (near the city of Toronto, province of Ontario).
If you are making a online booking make sure of the spelling to choose Brompton in England and not Brampton in Canada.
Happy travels

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actually I don't think it is either. Brampton is near Cambridge, adjacent to Huntingdon, and I don't find a Brompton at all.

I wonder if you actually mean Bampton in the Bush, a village southwest of Witney?

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You don’t say how many nights you want the cottage - wherever it’s near! - for. Problem I see is that if you want to hire a cottage from a rental company - see Sykes Holiday Cottages or similar - you will pay the weekly rate for however many nights you are there even if it’s just a couple. If you want it for a week, then no problem. That said, does have some ‘per night’ options.

Another heads up - a two bedroom cottage (in the true sense of the word) in England is unlikely to have two bathrooms, but you can live in hope I guess…

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There is also a Brampton in Cumbria - so make sure you get the right one!

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Sorry it’s Bampton, Oxfordshire
We are planning to stay for 3 or 4 nights. Perhaps a B&B?

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Thanks - so SW of Witney, WSW of Oxford, SE of Brize Norton Air Force Base, also known as Bampton-in-the-Bush.

Interesting choice.

You have a small village but are still looking for your accommodation, right?

Why Bampton I wonder.

I see 2 hotels in the village both coming up under B&B, but they are actually hotels.

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It’s a small village, so you may have to widen your search.

I have stopped using Airbnb as their costs are expensive compared to other providers. I use Trip Advisor, VRBO, Sawdays and local tourist boards for rentals. Sykes Cottages have more dated, basic accommodation. Other rental agencies such as English Country Cottages will only let for 7 nights or for shorter periods in the winter.