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A place to stay in Oxford 28 Oct to 4 Nov 2021

Good Evening All,

My family of 3 is visiting Oxford beginning next week (28 Oct to 4 Nov). My son, 13 years, is not yet in high school, but has expressed interest in attending school in England. Does anyone know a nice place to stay in Oxford convenient to the school and other resources? I think we'll be arriving by train or coach; don't think we'll rent a car from Heathrow.

Thanks so much. I love this forum and it's well-traveled membership.

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There are lots of schools in Oxford. Do you have any particular establishment in mind?

What is your budget - in £?

Next week is school half term holidays, so many places are going to be booked up, plus you presumably need a family room which will reduce your choice.

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Thank you Jennifer.

No, not yet. But we hope to start becoming familiar with the schools during our travels. We try to visit England often.

For the budget, about £200-£250 for the rate. And, yes, a family room would be nice, but we've also made smaller accommodations work in the past.

We appreciate the awareness on the school holiday timing. Unfortunately, this is our only time to travel this fall but we hope to make it work.

Again, thanks very much. Most kind of you to reply.

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I'm a little confused. Are you looking at secondary schools, maybe grammar schools, or are you looking at Oxford Brookes and Oxford University Colleges for when he is ready for University?

Does his prep school need to be in Oxford? Or are you looking at Public Schools?

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Terminology alert for any who do not know: a "public school" in the UK is what we would call a "private school" in the US.

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I cannot give a specific recommendation, but Oxford city centre is compact. So if you pick any hotel in the centre you won't be a long walk from most of the University's colleges (I think that is what you mean by school) or the other well known Oxford sights.

I am not recommending the Randolph Hotel specifically, but if you find that on a map you are only 10 minutes walk from most places in the centre (15 at a pinch). So any accommodation there or an easy walk away is going to be fine. Same comment if you find the Old Bank Hotel on a map. Basically, central Oxford doesn't have the sprawl of London or the need to find a bus to get around.

From Heathrow, coach is a better choice. It is direct and drops you in the centre and even if you go to the coach station that is more central than the railway stations, both of which are a bit further out of town.

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Thank you all for your kind replies.

Nigel, thanks. We are looking at Oxford as a possible place for university when our son is ready. It's just a familiarization trip as he's never been outside of London. He'll not need to be in Oxford for prep.

@acraven, thanks for the terminology alert! Very smart.

Nick, I understand your points about the coach from Heathrow and the appropriateness of the city centre as a location to stay. Thank you very much for getting our search stated.

Cheers to all:) We're very appreciative.