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A night time walk around London...

For all our tourist friends from around the world, who can’t be with us in London at the moment, I thought you might enjoy a night time walk around some bits of London many of you will have visited before.

Hoping it gives you a hunger to return to London as soon as you’re able 😀🇬🇧

(Not filmed by me)

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Thanks for sharing. I subscribed to Watched Walker a few weeks ago and have been enjoying the videos. I liked this video of Kensington/Chelsea as it is narrated. Knightsbridge, Kensington, Chelsea at dusk
I opened a google map so I could follow along/check out street names during the video.

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Wow! Thanks for posting this. It looks like the young rule the night at all the trendy restaurants along the waterfront promenades. I'll have to catch the other walks when I have time.