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A London Pass cost/savings breakdown

A frequent question on this forum, "Is the London Pass worth it?", can ever only be answered by comparing admissions cost of where you want to go with the cost of a Pass. In general, the longer the time period of your pass, the lower cost/day and the higher chance of receiving good value.

I'm headed for Norway cruise and then 6 days in London with friends in short while. We've firmed up our itinerary. I already knew from experience that a 6 day pass would provide value for me. I went ahead and priced out the 10 locations covered by the pass that we know we are going to for comparison. Admissions cost for those 10 locations is £272.60. The cost for the 6 day London pass was £144.

One of the biggest complaints about the London Pass is that people try to put too much in one day in order to "get their money's worth." When you are using it over a longer period of time that stress is eliminated. In fact, we have plenty of flexible time in our schedule and will probably do more than the 10 locations/activities that we priced.

Another side benefit is that it can allow a person the opportunity to try something that they wouldn't pay additional money for. In my case, it is the London Eye. I've been to London multiple times and never felt that the cost of the London Eye would be worth it to me. It is now covered under the London Pass, so I am going to give it a try.

Bottom Line: There is no one answer about the London Pass. Each visitor needs to price things out and see if the value is there for him/her. The longer passes are priced at a better cost/day ratio than the shorter ones.

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Carol, that’s so true. We had 10-day London Passes last month, and they more than paid for themselves. Many days, we only saw two attractions - they warranted taking enough time to appreciate them, and we only had so much energy for sightseeing. Having more days on a Pass means you don’t have to wear yourself out.

The Monument to the Great Fire of London was, inexplicably, closed day after day, so climbing it was never available. One of the pleasant places discovered as a result of having the pass was the Garden Museum. Our “splurge” that wouldn’t have been done without having the Pass was the Shard View - normally expensive, and interesting to have done once. St. Paul’s Cathedral had a fast, dedicated entry line for London Pass holders, but Westminster Abbey sent us to a 45 minute line waiting to enter (in a light rain). Going to Greenwich on the Uberboat (covered on the Pass), plus many museums and other sights in Greenwich included on the Pass make Greenwich a particularly worthwhile destination for Passholders. As mentioned above, your savings increase with the more days your Pass includes. Each attraction is good only one time with your pass.

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Thanks for mentioning this Carol. I’ll be in London for 10 days later this year with my sister and her husband. Definitely worth looking into. I see a lot of the things we plan to do on the list.

It looks like you can get 10% off if you buy today. And it’s refundable within 90 days of purchase.

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Thanks CarolNR for the info. I'll consider the London Pass for next June as I plan my itinerary before my RS South England tour and trip to Ireland. It all depends how many days I decide to spend in London before meandering down to Canterbury. As you can tell, I haven't started to plan anything yet.

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The London Pass has continued to send promotional announcements to us by e-mail, while our 10-day Pass was being used, and afterwards. My husband bought them during their Black Friday sale right after last Thanksgiving in November. The ongoing sales run 5% to 10% (maybe even 20%) off, and occasionally a certain dollar amount off. The sale runs for a few days, and is replaced by a new sale after that one ends. It seems no one should ever need to pay the advertised “full” price.

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Carol, good points! However, when I got to the site, it says an adult pass for 6 days is £244. I'm assuming the £144 you mentioned is a typo? Still a good deal at £244, though. Thanks!

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No, not a typo. I am a bargain hunter and I bought the pass when it was on sale. I paid 144 pounds for a 6 day pass.