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a driver/guide from Bristol airport at 9:30 a.m. to Lyme Regis and on to Salisbury

I have contacted driver/guide organizations and information locations and haven't gotten anything yet that helps me. Between 2 Rick Steve's Tours we want to quickly go to Lyme Regis to look at fossils and then be dropped off in Salisbury for the night.

I'd prefer to have a driver/guide so I don't have to figure out the public transportation system which I know nothing about.

Even and hour or two at Lyme Regis would be ok and then on to Salisbury to spend the night and no longer need the driver/guide or driver.

For a day in Salisbury, again I know it will be quick but we have to meet the Rick Steve's tour at 5 p.m. in Bath. I can't figure out whether I can just show up at someplace and get 2 tickets for the Stonehenge Bus Tour which also goes to Old Sarum or whether I would likely not get a ticket if I don't do it in advance. We also would want, at least briefly, to go to Salisbury Cathedral. I can't figure out whether it is easy to find the bus and do it on our own or if this is confusing.

Thanks for suggestions--the more detailed, the better.

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Don't know if you've contacted this company or not. If not, check them out. They responded to a similar request for services in the Bristol & Bath area within a day or so. If they can't meet your needs perhaps they can suggest another company. Web site is

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I can't help with your other questions, but getting from Bristol Airport to Lyme Regis to Salisbury is very doable by public transportation, and if you want, I can help with detailed instructions for how to do it. I lived in Bristol for two years, and I think I still remember how to get around a little. :)