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all 737 Max-8 aircraft banned from UK airspace > Now most of the world incl US and Canada

It is probably worth checking if you are flying soon to see if your flight will be affected.

I know that Norwegian fly them and will be affected.

Read down for developments.

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Ryanair have 55 on order over the next year, with the first arriving next month, so unless this is settled soon, these services may also be affected.

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Could someone clarify if Delta's 737-800 is the same plane in question? I've done some looking, and I'm finding conflicting information. Thanks.

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The 737-800 is not the same aircraft as the 737-MAX-8, and even within the MAX-8's there is some differences, including optional sensors and indicators.

Different airlines will handle decisions on fleets differently, as will National Aviation Authorities, but I think what will be found out is that while there may be a hardware issue that initiated these problems, Pilot response seems to be a significant factor as well.

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Delta doesn’t fly 737 Max-8.

Applause all around for that as American and United are charging passengers their punitive change fees for wanting to avoid scheduled flights on the 737 Max 8 according to news radio stations in NYC.

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Some would say - all this is overreaction, no evidence. But two planes of the same type crashed in few months. So, either you save lives - maybe, or you loose money for sure. How would you decide? I would rather loose money than sacrifice lives of customers even right now nobody knows if it was just coincidence but better be safe than sorry.

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European and North American airlines flying the 737 Max:

  • Southwest Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • Air Canada
  • United Airlines
  • Icelandair
  • Westjet
  • LOT
  • Smartwings
  • TUI fly

Norwegian, TUI and Icelandair has grounded their 737 maxes. I've seen a rumour that LOT has grounded them too but haven't been able to confirm it. The North American airlines and Smartwings seems to continue flying them.

And as mentioned many European countries have closed their airspace to 737 Max, either all variants or just the "8".

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Do keep in mind that there are also other versions of the MAX series (MAX-7, MAX-9, and MAX-10) I do not believe the other series were affected, just the MAX-8.

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Do keep in mind that there are also other versions of the MAX series
(MAX-7, MAX-9, and MAX-10) I do not believe the other series were
affected, just the MAX-8.

True, but the vast majority built so far have been MAX 8, there are no MAX 7 or MAX 10 delivered and not too many MAX 9.

And we don't know if the others are affected. We don't even know if the two crashes are related at all or if it has been a coincidence.

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Hoping it's all sorted before early April as my mum is supposed to fly over with Air Canada to London - and they fly the Max 8...

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As edited title now reflects - all of EU and India now have banned the plane in their airspace

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Assuming the below is correct (Sources: USA TODAY research,, Southwest Airlines will be really impacted at least in the short-term (also American Airlines, which I don't care for). I fly Southwest a lot and it's my top 2-3 favorite airlines (domestically and to Mexico). Even though 160 flights via Max 8s out of 4,000 total daily is only 4%, that will still be a hit to their bottom line. I wonder if they'll remain the most profitable domestic airline after this; the grounding will give a competitive advantage to other carriers that don't have this plane model in their fleets.

Southwest Airlines
Number of Max 8s: 34
Daily flights on the Max 8: Approximately 160
Total daily flights: 4,000

Sample Max 8 routes (Southwest):
Los Angeles-Oakland
St. Louis-New Orleans
Nashville-Los Angeles
Chicago-Las Vegas
Phoenix-San Francisco
San Diego-Portland
Fort Lauderdale-Houston

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All grounded in Canada now, too.

It is basically nearly world wide now.

Title edited

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Yesterday our wonderful transport minister here in Canada, Marc Garneua, was gushing over the 737 Max-8. He should have stayed in space.

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Boeing have now grounded (what few bits were still flying) the whole fleet.

Updated 14 March: Boeing now say they will keep the 737-Max-8 and also any Max-9s grounded until at least May.

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In addition to the list that Badger provided, Sunwings in Canada also has a number of Max-8 aircraft. Transport Canada has ordered all of that model to be grounded. I imagine they're "burning the midnight oil" at Boeing to find a solution to this problem, as their stock prices have taken a nose dive.