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7 nights in London ,Day trip to Paris ?

Staying 7 nights in London is a day trip to Paris worth it ? Or Belgium?

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Here's what I just posted in response to a similar question, about guided one-day tours, on another board:

You'll find a number of possibilities by googling "London to Paris day trip," all involving the Eurostar train from St. Pancras in London to Gare du Nord in Paris, and return. Since the trip takes about 2 1/2 hours and you need to be checked in at least half an hour beforehand, you'll spend six hours in transit -- a big time investment for a small exposure to Paris.

I don't know about any of the guided tours, but this is a day trip you could do on your own if you're comfortable navigating Paris. The earliest train leaves London at 5:47 AM and reaches Paris at 9:17. The last train back leaves Paris at 9:13 PM and arrives London at 10:39. (Paris time is an hour later than London time.) So you could spend almost 12 hours there, enough to get an overview of the city by hop-on-hop-off bus with a few hops off to explore a few places of interest.

This wouldn't be a day trip I'd be interested in, since it's too rushed and invests too much of the day in the train rides. I'd either spend the day in or near London or invest more time in Paris, depending on how long your overall trip is. Both cities deserve much more than a day trip from each other. But if you want to split a vacation between them, the Eurostar is by far the easiest and fastest way to go, and quite affordable if booked far enough in advance.

If this were my trip, I'd spend the whole time in London and nearby, not try to "see" Paris in a day. London and environs are worth your whole week, Paris is worth much more than a day.

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Totally agree with your last paragraph, Dick.
When in London, see London.
It's better value for money and time, and a better quality of experience.

In Canada the comparison would be the person who rents a car in Montreal and instead of enjoying the Montreal region, drives across Canada in 3 or 4 days to see Vancouver, barely getting out of the car.
In the US, substitute New York and LA.

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Thank You I have made my decision .When in London see London ,save Paris for a separate trip

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Tracy there are lots of great day trips from London that are less than two hours on a train and are small enough towns to do comfortably in a day. You can get a book on Daytrips London from Amazon.

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Tracy, I think you'll be very happy with your decision. There are so many things to do and see in London.

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I'll disagree and say if you want to go to Paris, go to Paris for the day. If you've never been, it can be a taste to decide if you want to go back.

I have done it, and it's pretty simple, take the train there and back, see Paris in between. I loved the Fat Tire Bike Tour, but did it on a different trip to the city. It's really doable as long as you arrive early enough.

For the day trip, we did a Batobus tour and walked around. We purchased the Mobilis ticket, so unlimited transport, and had a great day.

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Im planning to do the same 3 days london 3 days English countryside one day Paris- its a beautiful train ride- get off go to Eiffel Tower have lunch walk Champ Elyssus(prob mispelled) see for great prices that include a transit card, one hour Seine River boat ride and toundtrip Eurostar tickets (standard)- a beautiful taste of Paris

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The time difference tends to work against you, as does the fact that the trains from Paris stop relatively early in the evening (a historic feature of long distance French train timetabling that persists to this day).

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Seven nights in London is three weeks too short. Don't leave London.

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Hubby wanted to go through chunnel. That's all. We took the train to Paris and stayed overnight. We did a quick skim of Paris highlights. Major mistake! We now know that there is a reason RSE offers Paris as a trip by itself. Save it.

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See London and quick day trips while in the UK, Definitely plan a trip to Paris for a later date. Then make plans for your next trip to Paris. It is an infectious destination.

The Eurostar is an amazing thing. Going through the channel tunnel is a marvel of modern engineering. Brunel would be proud.
The drawback is you must treat it like an international flight at the airport. In my experience (as someone that doesn't do Eurostar every day) I give 90 minutes for queuing and not being rushed. It is also a fantastic idea to book your Eurostar very early, tickets are as inexpensive as $50 each way pre-booked. As much as $350 day of, at the station.