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7 days in London

Interested in ideas for best location to rent a Vrbo for 7 nights. Are there weekly passes for bus and or tube? Any advise would be appreciated.

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We have enjoyed staying in both Chelsea and Kensington and rented through London Perfect
You can use your phone to pay but must remember to tap it on sensor when you exit bus or tube.

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We will need more information on what you mean by "best location." Best for what? Personally, I've stayed in central London but found that it's mostly tourists. I recently stayed in the "East End," which is a fascinating place. It's been home to immigrants and the working class for generations. It's starting to gentrify and it's a real mix of people. It's what makes London one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Public transport is fun and easily accessible by tube and bus. By all means, you should buy an oyster card - which is more fun than tapping one's phone (in my opinion).

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If you tap in and tap out on buses you will get charged twice.

Tap in and out on tubes, trains, boats and DLR. Tap in only on trams and buses.