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7 Day Travel in UK in March

I am using points to fly to London in March/April - is this a good time to travel there? The points are a lot cheaper than I thought! Either way, what is a good 7-day itinerary? I lived in Colchester for a season but my wife has never been. I would love to show her as many quaint/cute villages and historical sites as possible. Bath, Oxford, Dover, London.... would Scotland be a stretch on the time budget? Thanks for the help. Fellow Anglophile.

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I was born in Colchester and often travel back and forth from the US. This past March I used points to travel during my Spring Break. Its is not the best time to visit. its still gets dark in the evening fairly quickly and I found it damp and cold. (It even snowed that weekend and I ended up having to extend my stay by two days due to cancelled flights out of LHR). I was visiting family in the East Anglia area. I would not necessary choose this time to have a vacation in the UK unless you really just want to visit the cities. The countryside of England is best seen when flowers are in bloom and there is some chance of some sun. Scratch Scotland - you don't have the time to extend this far and it will be colder/damper the further north you go in March. I told my family I wasn't coming back in March again. I prefer the warm months of June and July when I can stay a little longer and enjoy the English countryside in the sun. April would not be so bad if you could at least extend out to that date. The daffodils are coming out in bloom and the villages are beginning to look pretty again.

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We traveled in England, Scotland and a little bit of Wales in mid-April. The weather wasn't that bad and there are Daffodils! We had some snow flurries and showers in Scotland, so we went back south. I would visit London for at 3 days and then go to Oxford, Blenheim Palace, then the quaint villages on the way to Bath. Look at National Trust UK web site for some great ideas.

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You only have 7 days, so you'll need to limit your destinations to avoid rushing from place to place and spending too much of your time and energy checking in and out of lodgings. If you travel in April there will be more tourist-friendly places open and the days will be a little longer than in March pre-equinox.

Do you want to show Colchester to your wife? You could base yourselves there for, say, the first 3 nights. If you didn't want to drive while jetlagged, you could get there by train (see ).

Then rent a car for the next couple of days (Google "Colchester UK car hire" to get an idea of the rentals available) and see other places nearby like Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds; perhaps visit Sandringham House if it's open to the public during your stay.

After enjoying the Essex-East Anglia area, turn in your car, take the train back to London and spend your remaining nights there. You won't run out of things to see and do in London.

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You might find it advantageous to wait after summer time kicks in, all things being equal. This is as late as 31 March in 2019, favouring April.

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It might be better to ask your wife what she wants to see. Often there are good intentions on choosing the places, but the other person has some preferences too. If you really both want to see all that countryside, it might be better in a different month where you know your travel will be easier and warmer. If you want to see lots of indoor sights in case of bad weather, London's a great place to be.

When I lived in London for a few months, I watched the traffic while waiting for a bus at Waterloo Station, and saw MANY cars go by with no tread on their tires. Maybe I was seeing some big exception to the rule, but their lack of plows, shovels, and then seeing the bald tires, made me understand why the smallest snowstorm cripples the country. :) (says my boyfriend who lives in Maidenhead, but he's been known to be dramatic)

I went in March a while back, but I am a NYer and left a colder/snowier place when I went to London, so I was OK with just a light jacket when my friend was freezing. I guess it would depend on where you are coming from, and what weather you're used to.
Hope your trip is very fun for you both.