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4 hours enough to get from Gatwick to Globe?

My friend and I are landing at Gatwick from the US in early June on a Wednesday at 10 am. We are deciding whether or not to book tickets for a show at the Globe at 2 pm. Do you think this would be enough time to get through customs/immigration, take the train to our hostel in Soho, drop our carry ons there, and get to the Globe by 2?

If it's not worth risking, we will book a different show the next day, but we'd rather see this one.

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If you are willing to lose the money you spent on the tickets, then do it. But, it’s a high risk venture. First off, your scheduled arrival time is 10 AM. These flights are often late. Even if you are on time you’ve got disembarkation, which can take 1/2 hour or more, then immigration, which can take some time depending on how many large aircraft arrive at the same time. Then transport to your hotel to drop your bags (no place for them at the Globe), then transport to the Globe. So, you make it through all of this. You’re at the Globe sitting on hard benches (we were there this past summer, it’s not built for comfort) having been pretty much awake for 24 hours, feeling grubby, wanting a decent meal and a bed. Good luck with that! You’ll enjoy whatever is playing the next day, not the one on arrival day.

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Read Alan's first sentence.

Then heed these two words.....Jet Lag.

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I have done the matinee 3 times or more with Jet Lag. It is v. do-able IMO. I would not attempt the evening performance on landing day, however. I know I would fall asleep.

I am usually coming from Heathrow and with an earlier flight, so generally more time to get there. The big fly in the ointment, is, I think, getting to the hostel and then to the Globe. If you can find a place closer to the Globe (I have used the Premier Inn County Hall, though there is one closer to the Globe), then it might be reachable. Use Rome2Rio as a starting point from Gatwick to the Globe to get a picture of time. If you had an option to stay at the airport or to leave your bags at the airport, that might work, too.

That said, the matinee on Thursday is Two Noble Gentlemen. How often is that going to be playing vs how many opportunities for Hamlet? I think I would opt for the Thursday matinee, if that can fit into your overall scheme.