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3 full days in London

I will be in London for 3 full days and want to make the most of my trip. Does anyone have an idea of a full and thorough itinerary? We are thinking of traveling to Hampton on our only half day (day 4).

We then travel on to Paris and will be there for 4 full days - any ideas there?

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There is so much to see in London that you could design dozens of full and thorough 3-day itineraries and never visit the same place twice.

What kinds of things do you like to see and do? History, art, shopping, nightlife, local color, architecture? And what kind of a budget are you on? Many sights in London are very expensive, but a lot of the best museums are free.

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Agree with Jazz+Travels, and RS guidebooks are super helpful for that and everything else you'll need to know to have the best trip possible.

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This website gives good advice about sights in London here and in Paris here. Your library may also have good guidebooks. When you know what you want to see, use a map to group the sights geographically by day, so you don't spend too much time running around the cities. With so few days in each city you'll have to choose your priorities carefully. Don't try to see "everything," focus on your interests and give each place enough time to appreciate it. You might have a few "backup" sights in mind in case you spend less time than expected at your priority sights, or run into an unexpected closure or problem.

Hampton Court is a good half-day choice near London. But with only three more days there and four in Paris, you won't get a "full and thorough" itinerary for either city from anyone. Try not to assume that this is your last chance to see these great cities.

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Were you planning to do Hampton Court on the day you head to Paris? If that is the case I think it will be too rushed.

I love Hampton Court, but really it takes me at least 3/4 of a day including getting from my hotel to/from the train station, walking to/from the Hampton Court station to the entrance, then seeing the Palace. And I've never spent much time in the gardens because I always seem to be there on a rainy day, lol!

With your short time, I would probably skip Hampton Court this time unless it is a must for someone in your party.

Incidentally, I feel the same about taking a day out of Paris to see Versailles!

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It is my first trip to both Cities and want to see the main sights, museums, show and maybe a little bit of leisure. Is taking the train vs flying between the cities more beneficial than the other? The train would be nice experience.

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rulaurencio, the train between London and Paris (Eurostar) is quicker (2½ hours city centre to city centre), more comfortable and stress free (one seat for the complete journey). And frequent (1 per hour). No contest. The train holds the majority of the market, for good reasons.
Book early (up to 180 days in advance) for cheapest fares.