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20th Wedding Anniversary London ideas

Hello! I've read many of the topics about wedding anniversaries in London, but my situation is a bit different. We are traveling to London in July with extended family (my wife and kids, my brother and his wife and kids, and my parents...). This was a trip that we have planned for a while and the week that everyone could get off of work just happened to be the week of my wife's and my 20th wedding anniversary. This was not the intended purpose of the trip. As such, I don't feel like I can just piggyback on the fact that we're going to be in London as my "special something" for our anniversary. As a group we are already doing most of the usual London sites and places... so I'm looking for ideas of something romantic, that a family wouldn't necessarily do on a vacation, that just my wife and I could do one evening that would be unique and special to celebrate 20 years...

We don't necessarily want the young hip club scene type stuff, but maybe a nice romantic dinner somewhere and then something sweet and creative afterward?

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One relatively unknown great place is The Heights bar and restaurant on the 15th floor of the St George's Hotel next door to the BBC near Oxford Circus. It is open to non residents. Great views if you can get a window seat. It's busier Thursday and Friday evenings with the after work crowd, but it's nowhere near as busy as a regular pub would be. Alternatively, go for a cocktail after dinner when it's dark to appreciate the views.

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What about an afternoon show, nothing too long, at Shakespeare's Globe maybe?, then dinner and champagne somewhere nice, maybe the shard?, then book a nice hotel room just for the two of you, maybe a sunset stroll along the south bank if the weather is nice, cocktails in the bar until late. Then a visit to the hotel spa the next morning, with afternoon tea to follow, and a quick trip to Harrods before rejoining your family.

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When researching activities for which I could use credit card rewards points I noticed one for a "1-Hour London Walking Tour with a Personal Photographer." That would be a wonderful remembrance of your trip and anniversary. I had seen that kind of thing mentioned briefly on another travel forum so there must be several photographers doing this kind of thing in London. The one I saw looked to be equivalent to about 45 pounds with access to the digital photos within a few days afterward. Perhaps you could schedule it before dinner to take advantage of daylight?

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How about a wonderful dinner at Rules? Truly lovely and special. And tell them it's your anniversary; I feel sure there will be some recognition of that.