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2 for 1 Tickets question and Verger Tour (unrelated)

Can the 2 for 1 tickets to W. Abbey, Hampton Court, etc be purchased ahead of time so we don't have to wait in the long lines? Also, has anyone Not had success just walking up and getting the Verger Tour at Westminster Abbey (are the tours ever too crowded to join if you get there early)
Thank you!

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Well I thought you had to show your qualifying National Rail train ticket/paper travelcard when you bought the attraction tickets, so if that's the case, you can't buy them in advance.

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I wasn't sure if you could buy them at same time you buy train ticket. I know we picked up the 2-fer
paper at the train station once. So, no way to avoid the line and not pay full price?

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Verger tours cannot be reserved in advance of the day. Once you enter the abbey, go to the desk inside. They will tell you how many tours are on that day (it varies according to Verger church duties) and you can sign up for one and pay your 5 pounds.

Have a nice visit!

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What time of year are you going? We went in September and the Hampton Court Palace ticket line was not long. We did get there when the place opened up.