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2 for 1 offer and train tickets

My husband & I will be traveling to London this week and staying 5 full days and will take advantage of the 2 for 1, but we are a little confused about what tickets we should purchase for the train to qualify. We arrive at Heathrow and will travel to Russell Square area. We do realize we cannot purchase the National Rail ticket there so will buy a one way ticket to Russell Square area. Our plan is to purchase what we need at Euston National Rail office. But, we are wondering if we should purchase a 7 day travel card or single days. I went on the National Rail site, but am a little confused on pricing.

Any help greatly appreciated!


A 7-day travelcard purchased at a National Rail station will not only cover your tube & bus transport for the time you're there but also give you 2-for-1 entry on major attractions for the duration of the travelcard.

You will need a passport-sized photo.