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Travel in February

My boyfriend, who is a British citizen living here in the US, and I are trying to plan a 7-day trip to visit his family in Colchester, and then spend some time in London. The best time for me to go is the third week in February, due to time off concerns at work. From my initial reading, it seems like prospects for site seeing are pretty grim at that time of year. So, I ask you: how bad is it really? I realize that weather will be poor and hours may be restricted at some things, but will a lot of sites/attractions be entirely closed during this time? Can we still make it awesome? It would be really great to hear from someone who has traveled and stayed in London at this time of year.

Thanks for your input!

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The country does not close. You go when you can. Any weather remarks are anecdotal unless made by a native. The whole world is awesome.

And, yes, I have.

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It tends to be the country houses and that kind of thing that close up for the winter, rather than the sites of London. As to the weather who knows. Storms and floods like this year? Touch of snow to grind things to a halt for a day? Damp and drizzly? Or a crisp day with blue sky and dawn to dusk sunshine? Could be any of these or in a week all of them.

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While it is true that pretty much all the National Trust attractions in the Colchester area will closed for the winter, especially Flatford Mill, there is still plenty of walking to be had in Constable Country, and the tearooms operated by Wilkin and Son who make that fabulous jam right nearby are open. You are lucky to be somewhere so near the sea.

Everything in London (well nearly everything) is open all year.

Yes, the days may be dreary and short, but they are a darn sight longer than in December. And you may well see some sun, especially in Essex.

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As stated above, some small towns might close certain sights down and have limited hours but the cities and major sights will be running as usual. As another poster said, if you can only go at that time, still go. Don't let weather or limited opening times stop you. Go when you can go and you'll have a blast. Off-season travel is fun as you see a place how it really is, not overrun with visitors.