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Talking to the void

So, I spend ten or fifteen minutes writing an answer to someone's query and post it.

I never get any response from the person who asked the question, which makes me wonder if they ever even read the response.

Does this lack of response bug everyone or only me?

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There was a recent long discussion about this, probably in "General Europe." I think the gist was that OPs often say thanks but not always. Sometimes they're traveling and don't have time or ready internet access. Sometimes the responses aren't really that helpful. Sometimes they just don't bother, I guess. But many OPs do acknowledge, sometimes rephrasing the question or clarifying the problem. And sometimes a generalized thank you can be a way of trying to bring a thread to a graceful close.

It doesn't bug me especially to get no "thanks," but it's nice to hear that the OP got some value out of people's efforts to help.

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Not at all.

For one reason, I don't know enough to write for ten minutes.

For the other, you have to figure that somebody else will read it and get a Lucile help -- even if they didn't know enough to ask the question.

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I post responses to be helpful and I don't expect a response. Is there etiquette that "requires" one? Maybe the OP doesn't think the responders will keep returning to the thread. Occasionally I get a PM from someone thanking me for information - and I don't even remember what the question was about, let along what I contributed.

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I posted the same question on another travel forum some years ago, the general consensus is that people who have used travel forums before (i.e. have a posting history in double figures) will generally respond to helpful posts, first time posters often do not. Don't know if this is down to ignorance, bad manners or whatever but I often think that some people have no idea how to find their original post, this seems to be more of a problem on Tripadvisor due to the high volume of daily posts and as some of them put their email addresses at the bottom of their post (not a good idea on a public forum) they probably think replies go to their email inbox rather than posted on the forum.

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I post here because I want people to have great travel experiences such as the ones I have had. If I can help bring that to someone's life and reduce theirs stress level, then I'm pretty happy!

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Lots of people read these posts and you never know who it will help if you are giving relevant information.. I don't care if they respond unless they have a further question...lots of people may have helped them and they might have thanked the most helpful poster.... It is however, nice to receive a Pm from someone who felt you were especially helpful...but again, not necessary.

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Cynthia, it does bug me too. Not that I want to be thanked, but I would like to know if the responses ( mine and others as well) have even been read by the person asking the question. Failure to acknowledge by a large proportion of the OP's is a disincentive to keep writing long detailed posts.

Are you by chance referring to the recent question on Cornwall by M? You provided some excellent information, which will surely be helpful,to others (like me if we return to Cornwall as I hope to do). But it looks like "M" has moved on, as in a new thread she is asking about Cornwall versus Wales. And she did give a "thank you" for a very detailed response there.

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Nope. Lack of response doesn't bother me one iota. Like Anita I answer questions in hopes the info I share helps. NEVER expect a thank you. If a thank you is posted or PM'd it feels great but I never assume thanks will be forthcoming.

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I do try to thank people for their responses, but sometimes by doing so I bump it up and get a new round of responses. Then do I thank again? And bump again? Recently I posted something and waited until the answers seemed to peter out, then thanked and tried to nicely make it sound like I wanted the discussion closed. On this occasion, the topic was not controversial so it worked.

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Thank you Lola for neatly re-phrasing my query. I'm not looking for "thanks," but I do like to know if my reply was even read by the OP. It seems to be about 50-50 whether or not that happens on this forum. BTW, it's the norm on the trip-advisor forums that I read (WA and UK ones) for an OP to respond politely to answers.

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No one has mentioned one of the most important reasons I often post, that it gives me the chance to remember and enjoy anew the places I've visited and experiences I've had, including great cities and small towns, museums, inns, restaurants and wonderful outdoor spaces. If my memories then meet someone else's needs or concerns, so much the better!

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It doesn't bother me if someone doesn't respond with a thank you. I don't think it's rude. Like Larry, for me it's a chance to remember details of my own trips, a reward in itself, even better if I can be of help.

When someone asks lots of questions or has very specific concerns (mobility limitations, for example), I often wonder how things worked out for them, and sometimes they post again to let us know, but they have no obligation to do so.

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Cynthia, which is worse: No reply, or a detailed correction by someone who turns out to know the destination better? That's the way the internet is. I get enough thank-yous to make up for the few voids. On more technical and heavily regulated boards, it's common for OPs to include, "Thanks In Advance."

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@Larry, your response goes for me as well - I enjoy talking about my trips, and I also hope that my experiences will help someone else have a smoother vacation.

If the OP doesn't post a thank-you on their thread, I do worry that they haven't been back to read anything and may make avoidable mistakes because of it. Oh well - live and learn.

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It seems this will always be the way it is.
At least we can talk to each other!

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As both a poster asking and responding to questions, I don't expect a thank you, or response from people posting questions. While nice, doesn't bother me if posters don't respond, and I wouldn't notice anyway.

As a poster asking questions. While I read every response, with the email mail notification, it's no longer necessary to read responses on the help line. I'll often wait for multiple responses before thanking or asking follow-up questions. If the question(s) falls too far down, I won't spend a ton of time looking for a previous post. If one has posted multiple questions in different country forums, who can keep track?

I receive a response to a question I posted in a "snarky" or rude manner, I just ignore that thread and do not respond to anyone. Or I might just delete the thread, therefore the benefit of those posters that responded in a considerate and thoughtful manner.

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When I ask a question on any forum, I aways bookmark the page and have a Temporary Bookmarks Folder in which to hold it. That way, I can easily go back to check the answers from those who are knowledgeable about the topic. When the posting becomes 'dead', I delete it from my Temporary Bookmarks.

Having posted a question and kind people have then taken the trouble to respond, I always post a message of thanks. When I have given a response to a query and had no acknowledgement that the poster has even come back, I really to wonder why I bother.

It would be useful if RS would would have a counter to show the number of views each posting gets.

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No more counters.
They ought to ditch the one they have now, along with the silly badges -- except for the staff.

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I guess I am in the minority in that I do believe it is polite to come back , acknowledge the efforts of posters trying to help.. no need to be long winded about it.

"thanks for all replies ,, much helpful information for me to go over"

Took me less then 4 seconds for me to type that.

I do try and always remember to go back and thank posters for their efforts..whether or not I liked or agreed with the offered help.

Its just old fashioned manners I guess. When someone helps me at all.. opens a door for me, hands me a napkin, whatever.. I say "thanks" .

So is the deal that on the internet we don't have to use regular basic manners now?

Some posters ask for quite a lot of help.. and posters sometimes really go out of their way.. looking up prices and schedules for them , posting links etc.. so ,, yes.. I do think a 3 second acknowledgement is due.