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7 hours in London

Enroute to Spain, we have a 7 hour stopover at Heathrow: arriving 9:15 am, departing 4 pm. What's the fasted way to get into the city for a quick walk along the Thames and what time should we be getting back on the tube returning to Heathrow?

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Another place close by to Heathrow that is suggested for short stopovers is the National Trust property Osterley Park. This does require a mile walk from Osterley underground station to get to the house within the park, so good weather would make this more pleasant.

I'd suggest having a couple of plans depending on the length of time for immigration as well as weather on the day.

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Just to put things in perspective:
Assume on time landing
at gate and deplane 9:20-9:30
walk to immigration- as much as 10-15 min.
wait and clear immigration & customs- from 20 min.-1 1/2 hours
find place to store luggage if needed - 15-30 min.
tube into London- appx. 45 min.-1 hour
That puts you London around noon. (and this assumes no delays on the tube/bus, etc.)
You need to be back at Heathrow and checking in /going through security at least 2-21/2 hours before your departure time- so much be back by 1:30- you have at least another 1 hour tube ride back to Heathrow....
You'd have MAYBE an optimistic 30 min. in London.

Bus to Windsor- 45 min.
Pre-booked car service to Windsor- 15-20 min.
You might have 2-2 1/2 hours in Windsor.

OR- you could get a day pass to one of the airline lounges and get a quick shower, a meal and some rest.

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I'll add my vote to the "Not Enough Time" category.

Here's Heathrow's site. The place has 5 terminals, some rather old and boring, and at least one new and sparkly. Three are within walking distance of each other, two require a train (the Heathrow Express at the end of its route; shuffling between terminals is free.) I've killed time there by stashing my bags, picking out a decent restaurant in one of the terminals, lingering there, rummaging around the shops, etc.

My guess is that a long lunch will eat up most of your wait, since showing up for the 4pm flight at 1pm wouldn't be outrageous.

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Thanks everyone for your helpful input. We've been to Windsor castle but haven't seen the actual town. It looks like there are several different buses - can anyone recommend the easiest route?
Alternately, any idea how much a cab/ private car hire would cost Heathrow to Windsor?

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Carol, I must certainly agree about not having enough time to see any of London. For context, it took my wife and I two hours to get from Heathrow to Central London on our recent visit and that was even with taking the Heathrow Express, which whisks you to Paddington in 15 minutes.