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Changing planes at Heathrow

We are arriving at Heathrow, Terminal 5 at 2:55 p.m. and need to catch our next flight to Amsterdam, also Terminal 5, at 4:05, giving us 1 hour and 10 minutes (if we land on time from the U.S.) We have to go from the arrival floor to the departure floor. Can we make that connection?

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That's a pretty tight connection (and like you say, depends on if the flight arrives on time). As long as the entire trip is booked on one ticket through one airline, they should just move you onto the next flight to Amsterdam if you miss the first.

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Easily. You're behind security and C&I the whole way. Walk out, hop the escalator, walk in. Fifteen minutes.

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MCT is 60 minutes for that type of connection. Not much margin against a delayed arrival though.

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Thank you for your help, sounds like we'll be able to make it.