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Tower of London

We will be in London in June. Is it possible to do the Tower, and St.Pau'ls Cathedral in the same day. I know that if we get to the Tower a little bit before it opens we should not face long lines. Are there long lines at the Cathedral if we arrived after touring the Tower.

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Agree...go to the tower right when it opens and the lines/crowds won't be bad at all. Suggest that you go see the crown jewels first...that's the line that really gets long. After that prioritize what you wish to see most.
St. Pauls can easily be seen in a couple of hours even if you choose to climb to the roof.

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Absolutely. We arrived at St. Paul's late morning, then had lunch before walking across the Thames to the Tate Modern. After that we strolled along the river over to Tower Bridge and across to ToL. Slight wait to enter and line for the Crown Jewels. We were never rushed and had plenty of time. Ended the day at the Old Mitre!

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WHen i did it in a March, there wasnt any line into the Tower of London. However the crown jewels was a horse of a different color.

St Pauls, wasnt busy either, but i forgot about the crypt and dolm. I went back the next day for the dolm climb. Just to warn you, they are granny steps and you can get a great workout to the dolm.

happy trails.

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If you have time, you may consider seeing the Ceremony of the Keys beginning at 21:53 (or for us in the US 9:53pm).
Get more information at

Tickets to see the Ceremony of the Keys

It is possible to see the Ceremony of the keys but you must obtain tickets in advance, due to security restrictions they can't let just anyone into the Tower after dark.

You can get tickets by writing to the Tower of London in person and simply asking for them. You should give several alternative dates as numbers are restricted and the ceremony is very popular. You should also mark the envelope of your letter "Tickets for the Ceremony of the Keys". You must include the name and address of every member of your party - again for security reasons - and you should receive notification within a month and a half.