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Hotel in London

We are going to be staying 4-5 nights in London and want to stay near the Paddington station area. Does anybody have any suggestions for a couple on a budget. Thanks.

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everyone is on a budget. Can you put a figure on yours. Everybody's take on price is different. London hotels and B&Bs are relatively expensive. What can you afford?

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Just around the corner from Paddington, there's an Easyhotel. Along Praed Street towards Edgware Road there's a Tune Hotel. Both are budget friendly chains. If you're looking for something with slightly less of a chain atmosphere, all along Sussex Gardens there are plenty of independent B&B types at all price points (I've had friends stay at the Darlington Hotel and they really enjoyed it.) If you're up for a slightly longer walk (10 mins?) the Lancaster Hall appears to be very popular and also offers budget friendly rooms.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Our budget would be 100-120 pounds per day. With the exchange rate what it is we are trying to keep the rate low. We have looked at Tune Hotels and that might be a good option. Have people had a good experience staying there? Thanks

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I haven't stayed at the Tune, but just want to make sure you are aware of how they price. They are much like the discount airlines where you pay extra for everything. The Tune charges you extra for things like towels, television, and air conditioning. The rooms are very small. Make sure you read through the extra charges before you book.

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Welcome to the real world, Elaine. We know how much you love the Crowne Plaza Hotel and your private drivers in London, but thousands and thousands of us do manage to have wonderful trips to Europe on very tight budgets. We stay at 2 star hotels, we use public transportation and eat well at inexpensive restaurants. I know you love London and go frequently and I envy your good fortune but the OP needs advice on how to do it on a budget .... maybe once upon a time you, too, travelled on a tight budget. Or maybe not.

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No great recommendations here, sorry! Just a note on the hotel -- don't fret over it. Book what you can afford and don't look back. Soon you will be in LONDON! An amazing city for the budget savvy -- art and architecture for free! Great eats on the streets! Shakespeare for about $9! I would recommend starting with Rick's latest guide book. I picked mine up at my local library, devoured it over the course of two weeks and was set to GO on the cheap! Perhaps someone who has his guide at their disposal could tell our OP what Rick recommends right now? Anyone??!

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I have the RS 2013 England book. These are the hotels he recommends in the Paddington area:

St. David's is £90-100 per night. We stayed there our first night and last night this past September. The first room was tiny but the second one was larger and had been updated. Breakfast was included. We were going elsewhere on our trip, that's why we only stayed those two nights. It is just a hop, skip and a jump to Paddington station.

Tudor Court is £99-120

Stylotel is £99

Olympic House hotel is £105

Caring hotel is £90-100

You could also check out airbnb for an apartment. You could save money by cooking some of your own meals. We plan on doing that for our next trip.
There is no need to spend a ton of money on hotels. You are going to see London, not a hotel. All you need a hotel for is to sleep and take a shower.

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I endorse easyHotel as a money-saver; I've stayed at the Paddington branch. The chain was started by the man who pioneered easyJet budget airline (lots of orange paint). Like the airline, the hotel prices everything separately. So, for instance, if you want TV, you pay extra. Want a room with a view? The window is extra. And the rooms can be tiny; your suitcase has to go under the bed. But the place is well tended and the value-for-money is tops.

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I guess I'll chime in with another place not near Paddington....

We stayed a week at the Adria Hotel in Hammersmith. On a quiet street, well run, clean rooms, does have narrow winding stairs, but it was more than fine for us. Price was well under 100 pounds, but we did get a discount for long stay and it was just here in February.

The Hammersmith area worked out well, plenty of restaurants, Hammersmith Station is right on the Picadilly Line from Heathrow and also served by the District, the Hammersmith & City and the Circle Lines so getting nearly anywhere was easy, Hammersmith station is also a major city bus hub.

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Norma is right; not everyone traveling to London has a ton of money to stay in a pricey hotel. I suggest you check out the hostel options. Hostels have improved very much and can be nicer than an inexpensive hotel. Check out YHA Oxford Street at or Blue Skies Hostel (above a pub with great food) These will have the price you are asking for, and you can rent a "family room" which is a private room.

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Vancouver Studio Apartments. Have stayed there more than once. Read the TripAdvisor reviews. I enjoy it each stay.

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It's sad when one feels it's necessary to make a harsh post, those are the kind of post that should be on here. I completely agree with Norma, there are thousands of people who travel on a tight budget and have wonderful vacations.

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100-120 a night? Ya, I can afford more, but I'm cheap and don't want to SPEND more, thus I still "bother" to go to London, but on the cheap. How much time do you actually spend in your room anyway? As long as it's clean and not smelly, I'm good! I also like b&b's, they might be a bit more, but you have to factor in breakfast for two and it's then a better deal.

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Our budget was about 100 GBPs a night.. I found two decent looking places ( Celtic Hotel and Studios2Let) ..

I can't understand why some people think you absolutely HAVE to spend more to have a good time.. guess thats their loss in life. It must be very nice to be able to spend more.. but I can assure you I have a ton of fun.. and have always stayed in clean central places.

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There is a lot of hotels near Paddington station. You have mention that your budget is 120 pounds. Here is a hotel which is good and would be on your budget for staying. SO can stay in hotel a tune hotel.