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ATM Machines

My understanding is that if you want to use an ATM in the UK, that you need a bank card that contains a chip - that it is not sufficient to have one with a magnetic stripe that you just swipe. Is this true in full or in part?

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no its not true that you need a ChipNPin (CNP)card for ATMs overthere.

so far the only issue i have had in my travels is that the ATM network isnt the same as my credit unions. I just look for the same logo and/or try a different bank/ATM.

Also when it comes to purchases using your non CNP card, they will do it just like here, but it will slow things down for them. also, what i usually do is to ask first if they will/can take the non CNP cards when i enter. that way it may save you some time but so far no one has rejected my card.

happy trails.

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Thanks Ray. Actually, if I had looked at Rick's travel tip on the subject in the first place, I wouldn't have needed to post the question here, but your extra advice on asking merchants if they would take my non-chip card definitely helps.

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Don't confuse an atm/debit card with a credit card.

All American atm cards work in a foreign atm.

Rarely will a non c&p credit card not be accepted. The exceptions are very small merchants and unattended machines of some sort - - notably gas stations. But, most gas stations will take a swipe card at the cashier.

I've never stuck a credit card in an atm, so no idea what he story there would be.

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American bank cards work fine in UK ATM's. Be sure to tell the card issuer when and where you are going. Some U.S. banks have deals with UK partners and offer better deals on ATM fees. Ask your bank. (I think it is remains true, though, that you will need an all-digit PIN.)

Chip-and-Pin seems way better to me than scribbling illegible signatures on LED pads, but I've never had a problem using an American credit card in the UK. That said, you never know, so I always carry some cash, as well.