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Does anyone know if you can see Stonehenge from the road? I was there in January of 1971 and I believe you could see it, but not well. I remember there was about six inches of snow at the time and we about froze while a guide gave us an hours talk. There was about 50 of us in our student group then.
Thanks - Bill

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William, yes you can see it from the road near the entrance which is on the other side of the road. As I recall, we could see it in the distance and we were coming down the hill on the motorway. However, it's still a few hundred feet in from the road. Also when we were there, there was a fence around the more interior stones. They were charging more money to go inside that fence.

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We are planning on being there in a month, and my understanding is that many changes have taken place over the last couple years.

First, the main road that passed by Stonehenge was moved out, not sure if the site is still visible (it was) from the road.

They also built a new visitors center, further away, now either a long walk or a shuttle to the henge. Tour is still a circle around, as opposed to being able to walk into the circle, except on solstice days. The visitor center now also has more of a museum than before.

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We were just there in August and have visited in previous years. Yes, you can still see Stonehenge from the main highway. The old road you used to approach on is still there and being used as the "driveway" for the temporary parking lot in the field across the old road from the standing stones. The old road is now closed off approaching from the east end and you have to swing west,then north and approach from the west. The new visitor center was still under construction and there were temporary buildings right across the street from the stones set up with a gift shop and small snack stand. When the visitor center is complete there will be shuttles but I'm not sure if it's up and running yet. It looked a ways from completion when we were there but I'm sure there is someone who knows this information better.
You'll find the site much more restricted than it was even 20 - 25 years ago. Pathways have been constructed around the perimeter and it's roped off. If you want to actually be amongst the stones they do take reservations for sunrise visits but I have yet to get my act together to make that's on my list!