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Wilde ApartHotel and the Empress of Smooth...

Although not in line with the "close to the ground" perspective of many here, I do recommend, with minor qualifications, the accommodations at Wilde Aparthotel right off the Strand in London. I booked through and received a rate a bit better than the website rate, but it was still not an economy choice (about $300 per night). BUT the location was fantastic (five minute walk to two tube lines), the room was actually roomy (we had the superior studio), there was a tiny kitchenette space and even though our room was in the corner just across the street from the Adelphi Theatre (Kinky Boots), it was very quiet at night. The king size bed was very comfortable and the shower was great. There were a few issues like the position of the bed which requires the "inside" person to crawl over the feet of the "outside" person, and the sink area was small (when are vessel style sinks going to lose favor - I hate them!). A MAJOR plus was the fully-functional android smartphone they give you to use for the duration of your stay. We have Verizon and their expensive international plan, so this thing was a life saver for navigation and other searches on the fly. At the end of your stay, you can delete all your data. (Yes, I am sure they use the search history for marketing analysis but I'm okay with that. There is a price for everything...)

We were in London nine (very warm and sunny) days and needed to do laundry before heading to Israel, A google search found Joan, The Empress of Smooth, ironing and laundry service. I called her on the free smartphone :) and easily arranged pickup and drop off at the hotel while I slept. There is a 5 kg minimum which we easily met and the cost was about 35 pounds. For me, that was worth not having to spend at least two hours shlepping and in a laundrette during vacation. She returned the laundry neatly folded, wrapped in a dry cleaning bag. It was not overly perfumed but was nice and fresh (and yes, she washed our unmentionables, too).

Hope this helps someone looking for these services.

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thanks for sharing-it sounds like this hotel is worth what it charges