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What is an English Breakfast?

I just made reservations at the Luna Simone Hotel for our pre stay before our RS tour this coming September. An "English Breakfast" is served and I have seen this type of breakfast often when looking for places to stay. I'm curious as to what food to expect in an "English Breakfast" and figured my fellow RS posters would know the answer!

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Before I tell you about the one to three fried eggs (maybe scrambled), bacon (generally not crisp), banger or two, maybe a slice or two of Black Pudding, toast in a toast rack, (fried bread probably not still on the menu), a cup of tea or maybe coffee in what I would call a "Full English" , I would suggest that you wait until some of the many forumites who have stayed at the Luna Simone chip in with their experiences.

Or, because you put this question in the reviews section of the forum and this is clearly not a review, you will get more answers if you post the question in the normal England forum, and especially if you change the title of the question to something specific like "Breakfast at the Luna Simone" when I'm sure you will get lots of answers.

Because they leave out the word "Full" there is a chance that it is a somewhat abbreviated version. Because the Luna Simone caters so much to American and RS travelers it may well be somewhat americanised.

Good luck...

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I like to think of it as the only meal of the day that won't include potatoes in some form. :-)

I once got the English version of a guffaw (which is a brief tight-lipped smile) from other diners at a B&B in Brighton when I searched on, under, and beside the plates before exclaiming, "What? A meal in England without potatoes as a component? How unexpected!"

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Sometimes there will be beans, mushrooms & or grilled tomato slices. Oh and the bacon...not what we call bacon at all. You have to ask for streaky bacon!

Edit - and not what most Brits typically eat for breakfast everyday.

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A one-way ticket to a heart attack... :-)

I do enjoy a good English breakfast once in awhile. Especially the roasted tomato and baked beans. That was my biggest surprise the first time.

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bkmat62, I think one reason they include that in their description is to reassure you that it won't be just bread, butter, and jam. In the old days, many French, and some other European hotels always include a "Continental Breakfast" with the room rate. It's not a "given" anymore, since the online "price" is so important to so many buyers today. You can quote a cheaper price if breakfast /isn't/ included.

Also consider the old newspaper headline saw, "Fog in Channel; Continent Cut Off".

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To be proper, the toast should be served on a little silver rack that will ensure it is cold.

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When recalling our breakfasts from all our previous European travels, only two stand out: the English breakfast served in our hotel in London, and a buffet breakfast served in one of RS hotel in Barcelona.

The reason the English breakfast is stuck in our memories is because we were expecting a Continental style breakfast, but were we surprised! There were so many choices, not only toast, but crumpets, muffins, croissants, small danish pastries, different kinds of sausages and meat patties, eggs in different styles (scrambled, sunny side up, omelet and quiche-like), different stewed fruit compotes, and fresh fruit. Our daughters' favorite was the medley fruit compote, which were actually canned fruit (peaches, pears, nectarines) but it had rum (flavoring), which made it more special. Ever since then they like to add a bit of rum to stewed (or canned) fruit, lol.
One other thing that they had were kippers, some kind of smoked fish, which we could request with the black sausage. I guess this was to accomodate those who wanted a more Scottish breakfast.
We ate and decided to skip lunch, full of energy to start our days touring London. We would go to bed thinking of the nice English breakfast awaiting us on the next morning.
Mind you, it wasn't cheap at about 20£(when the exchange was $2 to £1) per person, but it was definitely worth it and the memories still linger with us.


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I had several British bacon sandwiches in England. Each was a little different from the other but they were all so incredible. I think most were purchased in train stations. My kids still talk about them.

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Full English breakfast can be all of the above. If you are really concerned about what the Luna Simone serves, contact them for specifics. Otherwise, live Bold! A full English breakfast is not for vegans, and even doing walking holidays, a mid-day meal is more for a break in walking than a need for calories. Some B&Bs will also have a cereal bar for the early risers.

RE: ...we were expecting a Continental style breakfast, but were we surprised! "Continental" should be "French". Our French (or at least Paris) continental breakfasts were bun and coffee breakfast with a glass of juice thrown in. Our breakfasts experience in Germany, Austria, Prague, Italy and the Scandinavian countries were much more substantial than a bun and coffee.

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Below is a link to a picture of the Full English Breakfast I had in 2014, at the Umberslade Farm in Tanworth-in-Arden, England. Although very good, very very filling. No food needed until a late dinner that night. I am still stuffed thinking about it ! I also could not finish the whole thing. Just too much food.

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If I were to eat even most of a breakfast like those mentioned above, I would return to my room and enter a coma.