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Watch out for overcharge...

If anyone is thinking about staying at YHA Central Hostel in London, be careful of the charge they make to your credit card. My husband and I recently booked reservations there, they overcharged my credit card by more than $100.00, it took many, many, many emails, and more than 8+ days before the problem was corrected. They staff was very friendly, but slow in resolving the incorrect charges.**

Posted by Edgar
Medford, OR, USA
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Was the erroneous transaction a "card not present" transaction? I.e. telephone, mail order, internet?

Posted by Laura B
San Francisco
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I have had hotels in the U.S. put through a charge which included a "deposit" amount in case of room service/restaurant meals charged to the room -- the final charge upon checkout was for the correct amount. (And yes, I was down at the front desk as soon as the charge appeared in my email.)

Posted by jnknst OP
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I booked our reservations online with my credit card. To date, even though they are super nice and have responded (finally) to my emails acknowledging their error, the overcharged amount is still on my credit card; I think I'm on day 10 now!

Posted by jnknst OP
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I may have to dispute the incorrect charges w/my credit card company. Would still like to stay at the hostel but, for some reason, they're not correcting the mistake.

Posted by Mark
Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Is this an actual charge (it sounds like you have NOT been there yet), or does it appear as a pending transaction? Your postings are confusing because in one you say the problem was corrected, but in another you state the charge is still showing.

It is not unusual for a merchant to do an authorization hold on your account and round up the amount. Hotels often add in an additional amount to cover things like meals or drinks (not sure if a hostel has those type of things) or for other incidental charges. It is easier for them than doing multiple separate charges. When you check out, the amount will be replaced by the actual charge and the authorization amount will go away. It is not actually a charge.