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VisitApartmentsLondon or VRBO??

Have any of you used VisitApartmentsLondon that Rick recommends in his book for your rental? I know we definitely want to be in a flat rather than a hotel. I’ve been playing around on Vrbo and this other sight. Seems like there are comparable properties/prices, but I’ve not used either before. Pros/cons? I know there are LOADS of booking sights, but I think one of these is what I want to use. Thanks for your advice!

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We have used London Perfect twice with excellent results and service.

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i haven't used the site you mention, but the difference between going with VRBO vs. an agency is that with an agency they have seen the properties and can give you their opinion. With VRBO you are going by the reviews. Which can be fine if you read them very carefully. I've had success with VRBO. but it does take some of the work out of the search having someone you can ask for advice, i.e. an agency. good luck!