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Two Together Rail Card Delivered to London Hotel?

I'm in the US and I'm planning to purchase the Two Together Rail Card online and have it delivered to our hotel in London vs getting it at the rail station.

Is that a good or bad idea?

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I agree with emma its a bad idea

if you're buying tickets online in advance just buy them at the railcard price, but make sure you get the card before you travel

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Thanks. Was trying to avoid taking pictures and bringing them to London. Seemed like a good idea.

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Having just returned from a two week visit, I can tell you that passport duplicate photos work well for the two together rail card. I purchased all my train tickets in advance on line and printed the vouchers. The National Rail office at Paddington station was exceedingly helpful in printing all my tickets and two together rail card. They even give you a triple pocket mini wallet to carry your card and tickets. Having submitted multiple questions regarding train and underground transport prior to my departure, I recommend you adhere to the guidelines regarding rush hour pricing (prior to 9:30 M/F). It will save you quite a bit.
Also, if you want a refund for unused tickets, please note there is a 10 Pound administration fee which might negate any refund on the purchase price.

Also, if wrangling luggage, take advantage of the storage shelves on the end of some of the cars. If there are no shelves or cubbies, you can leave your wheeled suitcase with extension fully up and tucked behind the hand rail on the passageways.

There will be automated turn styles in most stations which require you to slide your ticket in and it will pop out on the top of the mechanism. After retrieving the ticket, a gate will open to allow passage to the terminals. This process is sometimes duplicated at your final destination, where the ticket will not be returned to you. No rhyme or reason, so be forewarned.

Most stations have a lift if stairs are a challenge.

One more note about Paddington: Look at the floor. Really! There are color coded directional lines (to match which train company you are traveling on) which you follow to your trains.

It will all make sense and you'll be an expert in no time!