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Transportation from Heathrow to Bath

Interested in hiring transport for 4 adults directly to Bath hotel from Heathrow.

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I did the reverse, from Bath to Heathrow, about 20 years ago. It involved a train from Bath to, I believe, Reading, and then a bus the rest of the way to Heathrow...anyway, I am sure there is something similar to that today, and you might google it or wait for someone to advise you here. If you are looking for a car or van service, I have no idea...

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You may want to look at Blackberry Cars and get a quote from them.

We traveled from Heathrow bus/coach station to Bath by bus/coach.
The coach station in Bath is walking distance to many hotels, some are 3 or 4 blocks away.
Or you could easily get a taxi from the coach/train station to your hotel.

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We used a car service based in Bath to go from there to the airport in Bristol, and would not hesitate to use them from Heathrow to Bath. The site (if memory serves correctly) is and the email address is We sent an email detailing our needs and had a reply within 24 hours.

No idea about the price since we didn't actually go from Heathrow to Bath, but by the time you total up bus / train fares for four, it should be about the same if not less. We feel is well worth the price regardless, due to the hassle factor of public transit, the time involved, and being jet lagged while on unfamiliar turf. There is nothing better than having a driver meet you in the terminal and wisk you to your destination.

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As a side point any group of 3 to 9 people can get 1/3 off Standard Off-Peak tickets when travelling together on GWR without the need for railcards etc. Although I can quite understand the attraction here for a direct to hotel journey.

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We used Celtic Horizons who are based in Bath and have a private transfer service called Taxi2Flight.

Great service…yes..more expensive than coach or train but really nice to have someone waiting for you on arrival….especially after an overnight flight and door to door service.