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Town Hall Hotel

I am considering staying at the Town Hall Hotel near the Bethnal Green type station.
I have ran the numbers in City tracker and it does not seam to be any longer in general to the standard tourist locations then pretty much all the other places in it’s price range £220 or so) for two separate beds. It says it is about 5min walk to the Tube station (a positive) and the Bethnal Green station does not have an Escalator (downside) And it has pretty large rooms and a small kitchenette.
So what is the downside? What is the neighborhood like?
What are other options in a similar price range (or less).
Keep in mind I don’t need a fancy hotel. Safe, comfortable, clean. I am just looking for a place to sleep. I have even considered staying at a cheep Holiday Inn type place.



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What emma says, but more diplomatically than I.

A huge WW2 tragedy was at the Bethnal Green tube station. Google for the details.

If I were choosing a place to stay in London Bethnal Green wouldn't be at the top of the list. I tended to go there during the day for special foods, not so much now. Maybe it is better where you are looking.

You will be quite close to the V&A Museum of Childhood.

Nothing wrong with a Holiday Inn by the way, especially if you can stay on points.

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£220 is a decent budget which will get you a much more centrally located London hotel closer to the traditional tourist hotspots. Of course, you may want to be in the East End – a fascination with Jack the Ripper and the Krays perhaps?

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For that very reason, emma, I always took the bus into Bethnal Green, never the tube.

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If I go to grad school this Sept, I think I want to stay here when I get in a week early. Brand new build:

Acton Travelodge

Looks near both Tube and buses, with a grocery nearby, and located not far from Kensington Palace. I'd be willing to be one of the first to try them out :)

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Let us know how it goes. Acton wouldn't ever be my first choice - unless I was going to the deep storage area of the Transport Museum for their open day. Good luck...

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That's what about $300? Seems like a lot but maybe that's just me. How about VRBO? Much better than a room but of course you have to do your research.