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Seeking quaint flat in London for vacation

Sis and I will be taking her teen granddaughter to London next June. Would love to find a quaint flat for about a week. Hoping to give granddaughter the Victorian feel of London that she loves so much. Think tea in the parlor and old rose upholstery. A place between Kensington and the Tower, north of the Thames is preferable, but would consider Southbank.
All suggestions are mightily appreciated as I'm wearing down my fingers looking at the same places on the same two well known list sights.

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Quaint and Victorian? No indoor plumbing?

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That will be difficult to find. Most places now have had additions built which provide central heating, toilets, bathrooms, and more modern kitchens. Most of the old furniture is gone by now and most of the old stuff is a fire trap.

Good luck, finding your and your granddaughter's dreams.

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I honestly believed that folks on this travel board might be a bit more helpful. If you don't know of a place, you don't need to respond; and you certainly don't need to respond with sarcasm.

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Sorry Marcella but I don't see any sarcasm, just reality slapping you in the face. My best advice - if you think it's sarcasm, then just ignore it.

Don't give up looking for that special place yet, it's not likely but still possible. Someone else here may know just the place you're looking for.

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What are the chances of a Britisher wanting to come to the US and stay in a teepee or log cabin in Manhattan -- the chronology is about the same ?

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Marcella, I am sorry that you did not receive the kindest responses. I truly don't know anything about flats in London, but I do know that your request was not unreasonable!

I live in a town that is known for being a Victorian Seaport, even though we are in Washington State. One can certainly find Victorian themed lodgings here, so I assume that in a large place like London there may be some as well. I wonder if looking for a theme hotel experience or B and B might be more likely than a flat?

Good luck to you. It sounds like a wonderful experience for your group.

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If you look in London boroughs such as Northfields/ Ealing or Boston Manor/Hanwell, you might have better luck finding quaint and affordable Victorian. My Daughter and son in law had a quaint Victorian flat with lovely walled in garden in Hanwell, part of Ealing, and they seemed to be surrounded by the same. Whether there are short term apartment rentals or B&B is another story and there is a longer subway ride. Southwark might also have such a flat or B&B. I'm sure they exist so disregard the naysayers. On the other hand, I don't see why you couldn't find close to what you want in Victorian apartments/small hotels right in tourist London. If you look for vacation rentals around Holland Park, Belgravia or Pimlico, I think you'll find Victorian or perhaps regency, maybe more grand than quaint. Also, look at smaller, older boutique hotels in other areas of London as well. Try Home Away and VRBO. Good luck.

And to the naysayers, I'd also like to say we have much quaint Victorian in Boston retained in interiors...So why not in London? Quaint does not mean an untouched original with ancient plumbing, etc., IMO. I will apologize for the negative comments of others. Most people on this website are pleasant and helpful. Stay with us.

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North Caro? A part of the New South? London is anything but "quaint." Take a look at the Shard, Blackfriar Tube Station or the design for the Tate Modern extension. No "haters" commented, merely noted such a reality in world class London is nearly non existent these days. Something like this is probably as close as you are going to get.

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Why don't you ask a travel agent who specializes in Britain, like me :-)
I'd point you to a booking service,
In summer, they are likely to require 2 wks but you are asking far enough in advance that they might make an exception.
Happy Hunting!

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I thought Nigel's post was polite and factual.
We're fortunate to have regular contributors who live in London or other UK locations.
It's ok to defend them against unwarranted criticism.
Good show, Nigel!