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Rembrandt Hotel in South Kensington London

I read 2 recent recommendations for this hotel.
Anyone have additional specific personal experience/information on the Rembrandt? Size of rooms, compared to similar hotels? bathrooms? construction? other noise? What sets it apart from its competition in its neighborhood?
Thank you.

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We have stayed at the Rembrandt twice over the past 8 years or so. The room size varies, but if you get one of the renovated rooms they are very nice. The location is terrific, and if you are a fan of large breakfasts you will be pleased with what they offer. One drawback is that the hotel can be crowded during holidays, which means waiting for the elevator and possibly waiting for a seat at breakfast. Generally, this is not a problem.

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Hello PJ,
I did receive and answered your Private Message to me. Perhaps I did not give you as much information as you wanted.
Here is the part about the Rembrandt.

The Rembrandt is a four-star hotel.
One of our reasons for staying there when in London is its proximity to the Victoria and Albert Museum.
It is also not far from Harrod's.

Reception is very warm and welcoming when you check in. If you need help with your bags, someone will be summoned.

Our room was spotlessly clean and bed very new mattress, comfortable. Nice furnishings. Buffet breakfast was delicious; included scrambled eggs, bacon, beans, cold cuts (ham, turkey, cheeses), yogurts, cereals, fruits, waffles, muffins, croissants and jelly. Coffee,tea, orange juice, apple juice available.

You can click on this link to Trip Advisor to read more reviews. Click on the photos at the top of the article to see bedrooms, dining room area, and more.
They are famous for their afternoon tea, so inquire about that if you stay there! Tea or coffee, cakes and sandwiches, starting about 2:30 or 3:00. (Not included in room price.) So much that you may not need dinner later!

Pictures of the various bedrooms there:;aggregationId=&albumid=106&filter=7

You asked about the size of the rooms. We stayed in a room there that was approximately 18 feet by 22 feet, a similar room to ours is pictured here.;aggregationId=106&albumid=106&filter=7&ff=165091906
And here:;aggregationId=106&albumid=106&filter=7&ff=165091859
Some rooms have balconies:;aggregationId=106&albumid=106&filter=7&ff=100145208

Choose a room at the back of the hotel if some small amount of street noise bothers you.
The rooms in the front of the hotel have a good view, but that includes the street and its noise.
View out the back windows:;aggregationId=106&albumid=106&filter=7&ff=100145099

The bathrooms are spacious. The last time we stayed there, our bathroom measured about 6 feet wide by 12 feet deep.
View of bathroom:;aggregationId=106&albumid=106&filter=7&ff=100144599
Another typically very nice bedroom:;aggregationId=106&albumid=106&filter=7&ff=165091913

Don't be afraid to look around the Trip Advisor website and look at more photos.
It is a trusted website. It's not going to steal your credit card or email information or anything by clicking on it and going there.
Many of us here use Trip Advisor to get a look at hotels or restaurants we're thinking of going to.

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To make absolutely sure I answer all your questions, let's go through.

"Anyone have additional specific personal experience/information on the Rembrandt?"
Given in my first post.
I do swear this is personal experience and my husband and I have stayed there recently.

"Size of rooms, compared to similar hotels? bathrooms?"
I have given you the size of our bedroom and bath. Furnished pictures.
I would post my very own pictures taken there, but we cannot do that on the Rick Steves forum/website.

Not to my knowledge, but do call or email the hotel with any questions you may have like this.
There may be something planned for the day you arrive there that we on this forum would have no knowledge of.

"Other noise?"
Yes, get a room in the back of the hotel if you want complete quiet.

"What sets it apart from its competition in its neighborhood?"
The hotel is very nice and clean, almost luxurious.*** Some in the neighborhood are not.
Rembrandt's price is very good for getting a clean nice room.
You can go up, up, up in price in this neighborhood for the same quality.
The staff is friendly, polite, helpful. At other hotels in the neighborhood (one in particular) this is not true. You can run into some pretty uncaring staff in some hotels; won't fix problems with the room or move you, are surly when you approach the front desk to ask questions or directions.

***Notice I put three stars by the word to qualify it. There are certainly luxurious hotels in London, with prices as high as the sky.
What many people on this forum look for is a very, very nice hotel with a reasonable price.
A really low price guarantees a dump. A really fancy and very large hotel room and bathroom, the size you have at home in the USA, guarantees a price so high per night it will make your eyes water.

Again, your question, "What sets it apart from its competition in its neighborhood?"
You can do some homework and research online yourself.
Rick Steve's London guidebook names a number of hotels in this neighborhood.
You can also Google search "London hotels near Victoria and Albert Museum".
This will give you some hotels to research yourself.

None of us have researched or stayed in every single hotel in the neighborhood, so we can't tell you about how every one of them stack up against Rembrandt.

You will enjoy doing this research yourself, as we all do before our trips.

If you want more suggestions for other hotels in this area, go to the England forum and post a new question. You will get more responses there.
(You have posted this question under "England Reviews" which is not the best place for your question.)

Hopefully, some more people who have stayed at the Rembrandt will chime in here and give you more information.

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Hello Rebecca and Julie

Rebecca:Thank you so much for the very complete review of the Rembrandt. I think our messages crossed each other. I didn't mean to put you through having to send the information again. I have been following up on your advice and do appreciate your taking the time to respond again. I am traveling with 5 others thus the deep delve for first hand experience. You are most generous and helped me learn the process of the travel forum.

You kindly offered a taxi resource. I am interested in following up on that. You can PM me on that if you wish, I understand how it works now.
Julie: I appreciate your input. Thank you for taking the time to answer.

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Sending a PM with his name and phone and website.

Glad to help.