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pubs and restaurants in the Bayswater area

Looking for some pubs and restaurants in the Bayswater area that aren't to expensive, yet have good food and atmosphere. We are up fro trying new things so let me know what is you favorite place and what you had to eat there!

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We enjoyed dinner at the Mitre on our last night in London ( the end of our three-week stay there).

I wanted something light so ordered the vegan dish ( baked mushroom) and it was delicious. My husband had a burger, ordered rare, and it was just right.
We asked for a quiet table---the main room of the pub is bustling---and we seated in a back room that was indeed quiet, and atmospheric. There is an upstairs restaurant but I do not know how it differs from the pub.

We will return as we always spend our last night in London near Paddington, and this is a good option in that area.

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Whenever we're in London, we always stay in the Bayswater-Kensington area. It's quite a popular yuppie place now, and good restaurants and pubs are all over.
We have given up on planning ahead for restaurants. So many times, the menu's have been not to our tastes or the prices have been too high. We now just wing it--sometimes asking our hotel desk where they like to eat.
You'll find places you'll like in that area.

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I posted a similar question earlier this year; lots of folks responded. Here's the link:

In addition, let me mention that we enjoyed the Brasserie Italiano at 67 Queensway. Last year this same place, with as far as we can tell, the same staff, was called "Sapori d'Italia." The pasta is good, so is the house wine. (But check your receipt and count your change.) And ask for bread if they don't bring it automatically.

We also tried the Swan, a pub at 66 Bayswater Road, which some folks on the forum recommended. It was very nice, with lots of outdoor seating and good cider.

We also had a good Indian dinner at Durbar, on Hereford Road (sorry, didn't get the number.) The food was good, but there was waaayyy too much of it. We decided that should we ever return, we would share the main course, and maybe get individual appetizers.