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Pub near Hampton Court

Was wondering if anyone has had experience dining at The Mute Swan near Hampton Court. Or if you recommend somewhere that is good?

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We love the Mute Swan!! The downstairs area is for drinking but if you go upstairs, there is some good food waiting. They serve food from noon to 10 pm on Monday through Saturday but noon to 9:30 on Sundays.

The appetizers like herb marinated olives and baby sweet peppers stuffed with cheese are good. My favorite soup is their very unique Sweet Potato, lime and coconut soup. I love three of their salads- the Green Salad with Apple Dressing, the Waldorf Salad, and the Vietnamese Noodle salad. You can get meat and cheese trays but if you feel like a good filling meal, they have steak sandwiches, steak burgers, honey roast ham, and roast chicken sandwiches and sides like chips (fries) and cole slaw.You can also have a steak dinner or ribeye steak dinner. The desserts are really good- Hot Waffles with toffee apples and vanilla ice cream on top, Sticky Toffee pudding, and a heavenly Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Praline Tart with salted honey ice cream. They have a creme brulee as well. You can also get ice cream and gelato and they are excellent. Drinks include the alcoholic kind but also coffee, coffee drinks, hot chocolate (delicious), and tea.

The Mute Swan is a great place to eat.

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A year and a half ago(Sept.) we ate at The Riverside. It is right across the street from the entrance to Hampton Court. We ate on the deck right on the water. The food was wonderful. The service very nice.

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Here is the menu from their website. You will see some of the delicious-sounding items on there that Terri Lynn described. The first two items to appear on the menu--Olives marinated in herbs and oil £3.95 and Baby sweet peppers stuffed with soft cheese £3.95--sound wonderful.

The third item on the menu, and the third item Terri Lynn mentioned, Sweet potato, lime and coconut soup £5.25 sounds amazing. If you are a vegetarian, these 3 items alone could serve as lunch, perhaps with some bread.

I also like the sound of the "Waldorf Salad apple jelly, celery sorbet, toasted walnuts, chicory and gorgonzola dressing £6.95"--third item under starters. (Terri Lynn mentioned this one.)

The second item under "Light Bites" is the "Vietnamese noodle salad with marinated tofu, papaya toasted peanuts, lime and chilli dressing £10.95"--Sounds fantastic! (Terri Lynn mentioned this one.)

Plus all the sandwiches and steaks Terri Lynn mentioned.

Listed under "Puddings" or desserts (all sound wonderful):
--Dark chocolate and hazelnut praline tart with salted honeycomb ice cream £5.95
--Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream £5.95
--Hot waffle with toffee apples and vanilla ice cream £5.75
--Crème brûlée with shortbread biscuit £5.50

Full disclosure: I have never been to this restaurant, but you guys got me curious about it. The reviews on Trip Advisor are very positive.

Terri Lynn wouldn't steer you wrong. She has traveled a lot. I would certainly rely on her review of this place.
rnielsen3 and Terri Lynn, thanks for mentioning this place! It is now on my "must do" list for my next trip to London!