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Premier Inn City Center, Bath

This is a modern business hotel. Everything works as you would expect. The decor is pleasing, if not memorable. There isn't a view to speak of--just the college across the street. The staff are helpful and efficient. The breakfast buffet is extensive and has everything you would expect. The rooms are a bit bigger than most. The location is not too far from the railway and bus stations, fairly close to the Roman Baths. It has no local character. Once inside, you could be in any modern business hotel anywhere in the world. One gets the feeling that the staff are speaking and behaving exactly as trained. So, if you are looking for a good base for a stay in Bath, this will suit you. If you are looking for a local experience as part of your lodging, it won't.

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I was fine with the "base." Local character is a bonus, but we spend very little waking time in the hotel. We have breakfast, and then we're out all day. Location is the most important feature.

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I appreciate the Premier Inn Chain. I like having a clean reasonably priced room in a good location. I’ll find my charm elsewhere gladly.

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I think this is probably a good summary of most Premier Inns. I've stayed in six of them (three in Scotland and three in England). For me they are a really good choice for two people who need separate beds and are traveling on a somewhat limited budget during the time of year when they might just possibly need an air-conditioned room (but verify, because I'm not sure 100% of the Premier Inns have it). The flexible (cancellable) rates can be rather reasonable if booked quite early, and the day-bed (again, verify) has a comfortable if not special mattress.

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“It has no local character”. No - it won’t, as it’s a Premier Inn! They are all characterless, but functional.

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I've stayed at this Premier Inn twice. It was exactly as expected--clean, quiet, well located, and reasonably priced for Bath.

I've reached the point where I prefer clean, quiet and comfortable over "character."

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It’s locals who work there and the chain is also very popular with “local” tourists.

I didn't take a census, but I noticed quite a few employees with non-UK flags on their name tags. :) No doubt, they are living locally.

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I’m going to chime in about Premiere Inns.

Recently returned from another London Christmas excursion and chose to stay in two London suburbs instead of the City Center.

I chose the Chiswick and Richmond Premiere Inns. Both were great for my travel. Very pleased with my accommodations.

The Chiswick one is large and an easy 15-20 minute stroll from the Turnham Green Station. The hotel is located across the road from the Fuller Brewery. You walk into a well lit tunnel to get to the Premiere Inn. I believe it had to be an office building at one point. My room 108 was on the first level. It was quiet and comfortable. I did not pay extra for meals but due to an incident of getting stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes upon my arrival I was given meal vouchers for my entire stay. Food was very good.

For pub lovers the George and Devonshire pub
( part of the Brewery ) is across the road. You walk in the same well lit underground tunnel to get it.

Chiswick High Street had restaurants, cafes and shops. I liked Chief Coffee which is down a short alley near the Turnham Green Station.

For me the ability to walk along the nearby Chiswick Mall adjacent to the Thames was a reason for booking there. A pleasant sojourn. Discovering the Mari Delicatessen the highlight. Charming spot, tasty pastries and excellent coffee. Also mudlarked when the tide was low. Bliss. Lastly it’s a long Walk but had a fabulous cream tea at the Orange Pekoe Tea Room in Barnes. As I said walking along the Thames path was a primary reason for booking in Chiswick.
To get into London proper 20 minute tube ride on the District Line from Turnham Green to Victoria Station. Then a nice few blocks of walking to Buckingham Palace. Stroll down the Mall to Trafalgar Square then down Whitehall to Parliament Square.

The Richmond Premiere Inn is an easy 10-15 minute walk from the Richmond Station. Ignore the Costa and Starbucks coffee shops and instead go to the Butter Beans coffee shop is next to the station. Good coffee and atmosphere. Again if a pub lover the venerable The George is near the Richmond Premiere Inn.

You can easily walk from the hotel to the Lions Gate at Kew Gardens in 10 minutes. It’s a longer but pleasant stroll to Richmond Park as well. I enjoyed visiting both. Richmond Park is huge. Loved walking about it.

Use the same District Line from Richmond to Victoria. Add 10 minutes to the travel time.

Room 220 faces the street but you hear nothing due to the double panned glass. In all honesty late at night I enjoyed the ability to open the window to let some cool in.

Rooms at both hotels were a good size, quiet and comfortable. Thought both a good price and would stay at them again.