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Premier Inn

Has anyone stayed at a Premier Inn in London? Its right in my budget and the reviews seem ok but just want a first hand account.


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Thanks Emma,
There are quite a few listed but I was thinking fleet street which says its central London or Victoria. Not sure yet.
Thank you.

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We stayed at PI County Hall. Loved it - a little spartan, but fabulous bed and good linens. THe bathroom was good-sized and there was room to layout toiletries. There was the typical tea service, which was replenished daily. The wi-fi was inexpensive and fast. Only downside was no closet in the room, but otherwise it was quiet. No view either, but we'd rather be outside getting our view. I was a little uncertain because everything was done online, but they were well-staffed and welcoming when we arrived at midnight. There was always plenty of staff available to help. Vending machines in the lobby were cheaper than mini-mart across the street. There was a bar/dining room. Not impressive, but it was there.

The PI Waterloo is a block away ( we know because the taxi dropped us there by accident) and seems to get good reviews as well. It has air-conditioning.

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I've stayed at a few, most recently in Holborn, and I am a convert. They're excellent value for money, and you know what you're getting -- a clean room, a great bed, a little bit of space, and quiet for sleeping. No charm or quaintness, but no surprises either. You can pay to have breakfast there, I usually have a cup of tea in the room and then grab breakfast out somewhere.

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Used Premier Inn for the first time about 3 years ago. They're now my first choice option everywhere in the UK. Nothing fancy but agree with what everyone has said. Clean, everything you need for a short stay, reception staff always helpful and knowledgeable about the local area (have helped with local taxi firms, how to get to ... etc). My first visit to York next month and have booked their York offering.

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I concur with others on the board. We have stayed at Premiers all over the UK. When looking for a place to stay, they are my go to place. Clean, comfortable, great staff.

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We stayed in the Premier Inn at Leicester Square with our children in 2013. We found the room to be perfect for our needs and in our budget. I wouldn't hesitate to stay again at a Premier Inn.

As for location, it was a decent location for what we were looking for at the time.

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I'll concur to what everyone else has said. I've stayed in a few PI's and never had a problem. Clean, quiet and no surprises.

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We stayed at the PI County Hall a few years back, and it was perfectly fine. However, I just found the HUB Hotels (by Premier Inn) and the reviews are fabulous. I just booked 3 "Bigger" rooms at the HUB Hotel Westminster at St. James Park and across the street is a tube station. Reviews are wonderful, the rooms are updated and modern and come in the normal small size and the "Bigger" size which is only bookable on the HUB Hotel official website while the smaller rooms are available to be booked from the Premier Travel website.

I booked 3 Bigger rooms for 3 nights for a total of 800GBP. Free soup and cheese for dinner if you want it, free coffee/tea all day, and breakfast is only 4GBP and includes an all you can eat buffet continental bfast. It all sounds too good to be true, but according to reviews it's all true. Maybe it would work for you, too.

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I love the County Hall location. I have stayed there 3-4 times.

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We stayed at the Fleet Street location a few years ago. Very quiet at night and just a short walk to the river. Lots of places to eat nearby. We have stayed at Premier Inns all over the UK- great value, always clean and the breakfast is quite good. Especially good value for a family of 4 as they are one of the few hotels with family rooms.

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I have stayed at several of the Premier Inns and Suites. It was our first stop on arriving in England, close to Heathrow. We have have always been pleased. The beds have been comfortable and the rooms quiet. Also, the breakfasts are excellent.

There are now Apartments, also with the name Premier Inns. On my coming trip I have booked one for us in Reading for our last couple of nights. It's a 2 bedroom with a living room and kitchen, also has a washer and dryer. I'll let you know what it's like after our trip!