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Oxford UK - I night stay in SEptember-Recommendations?

Looking for recommendations for a hotel in Oxford for a one night stay...easy to get to the bus station...we will be coming back from a stay in Rutland and need to drop a car and then take a bus to Gatwick the next day.....thanks!

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We stayed at the Randolph Hotel, across from the Ashmolean Museum and a few blocks from Gloucester Green where the buses are. It was expensive but comfortable and very convenient. It appears to be under new ownership since our stay several years ago.

And I agree that you'll probably get more answers under "England" under "Destination Q&A."

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I second the Randolph Hotel. My husband and I stayed five nights last June. Very charming. We had taken the bus from Heathrow and walked with our bags to the Randolph, it was that close. Plus, if you've ever watched "Morse" on PBS, that's where the Morse Bar is. They still have a tribute to the actor, John Thaw. It is très chic and the service is outstanding.

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When are you traveling in September? If the university is still on holiday, you can stay in a college, breakfast in a Harry Potter-esque dining room, & enjoy the lovely grounds of wherever you stay for less than 100pounds. Simple, but the locations are amazing!! I particularly liked Keble College, on the edge of Oxford city, the new wing has an elevator. It's about a 15-minute walk to bus station.

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I had reservations for us to stay at the Randolph Hotel in June, but I cancelled that one and went with the Malmaisin Oxford Hotel since it was somewhat less expensive (& upgraded our Cotswolds lodging). The Malmaisin was a former prison, so it comes with some cute décor & interesting features! We ate dinner & breakfast there, also.

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Last September I stayed at Christ Church College annex across from the entrance. Room was spare, but adequate and bathroom was nice. All was nice and tidy when I arrived. Breakfast in Harry Potter's dining hall was a WOW experience. I hope to visit Oxford again in the next couple years and if I can schedule it when the college's are accepting guests, I'll happily try it again. There was no a/c or tv, but I survived better than I thought without them. There is a stop at Christ Church when you are taking Airline bus from Heathrow (and Gatwick I think) and I was impressed with how easy that connection was after a long flight,.