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Need advice for stay in London

We are planning a European vacation in June/July 2015 (40 days) and wanted some advice.

I (with wife and two kids 18/15) am travelling to London from May 18 to May 23 and wanted to ask if it was better to rent a hotel room or an apartment via Airbnb or other booking sites. Do English hotels allow four people to a room? Your advice will be appreciated.

Also, I am travelling from London to Liverpool (huge fan of Liverpool FC) and noted that the trains are very expensive (over 500 pounds) when I tried to get some prices over the internet. Am I searching the wrong sites?



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£500? absolutely, if you walk up and travel First Class on Virgin. If that's your travel style, that's the price.

If you travel outside the rush times you can go for off peak return on either London Midland or Virgin trains in standard class for £79.70 pp return.

If you plan ahead and buy non changeable non refundable Advance tickets for £12.50 per person each way.

On all of these, children over 5 and under 16 years old travel for half price.

when I tried to get some prices over the internet. Am I searching the wrong sites?

I don't know. What sites are you searching?

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I was using the seat61 website and I am interested in the 12 pound ticket. Can
you let me know what site to use for that option.

Thanks for the advice.

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We have never had any problem finding a hotel room for four when we traveled with our two sons. Generally it is called a family room. All hotels do not have family rooms but we found them fairly easily. What you cannot do is book a double and put four in the room.

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Thanks. Is searching for family room one of the options on the hotel booking sites or do you have to contact the hotel directly to inquire.

For five nights, would booking a flat be a better option? If so, what websites would you recommend ro use.

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When traveling with my family of 5 I found that it really helped to either email or call inquiring about family rooms. I was shocked st the number of places (mostly RS recs) that had family rooms or apartments that were not listed on their website.

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Definitely an apartment or two separate rooms in a B and B. Makes so much more sense. As mentioned by Emma you'll keep your sanity. Might consider rooms at the Vancouver Studio Apartments. Would think the teens would be pleased to have a room to themselves. Here are some websites to research to see if their properties meet you needs and your budget.,,,,

Be certain to remain within TravelZones 1 & 2 so the cost of traveling into the city center doesn't become prohibitive.
Great city. Have fun.

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I have some information about Fleet River Bakery's Rooms.

My niece and I are to be in London in June of 2015. I found information on the Bakery and the rooms while reading the posts here on the forum. Went to the website, liked what I saw. liked the price, and I reserved and paid in full room 4 for ten nights.

On the Bakery's website, they had posted that they were currently not taking reservations throughout the summer. No clue as to what was going on.

Then on Oct 8th I rec'd. a email from Fleet River Bakery that said, "We have just found out we have lost a planning appeal with the local council and can no longer offer short term accommodation above the Bakery from January 2015."
My reservation had been cancelled and two days later my payment had been credited back to my card.

Now I'm looking for rooms again. Going to miss the Bakery even though I've never been there.


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One place we've stayed in London is the Darlington Hyde Park, which is just a few blocks from the Paddington Station. You can get there from the airport on the express train and Paddington is likely the station for north-bound trains. You can send them an Email to ask about accommodations for your family. Their breakfast service is world famous. I've read some comments on the tripadvisor site concerning large families staying at the Darlington. Good luck.