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London Hotel for 3 nights end of May 2016 for family 2 adults and @ kids 12,15

I have found 3 hotels and need suggestion which would be best to stay for 3 nights in London. We want to cover major sight seen by public transport by our own (train,metro) We will be arrived to Heathrow airport and depart from euro star train station, London. So which hotel will be ideal to stay.?Should I book hotel directly to the hotel's web site Or through internet site such as

1.Hotel Meridian -43-44 Argyle Square, Camden, London, WC1H 8AL, United Kingdom
2.Premier Inn London Kensington - 11 Knaresborough Place, Kensington and Chelsea, London, SW5 0TJ, United Kingdom
3. Springfield Hotel - 154 Sussex Gardens, Westminster, London, W2 1UD, United Kingdom


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The Premier Inn on Knaresborough Place is nearl the Earl's Court tube station which is on the Piccadilly Line. This makes it easy to get to both Heathrow and St Pancras (for Eurostar) by tube. I've stayed at this hotel and it is clean and I think the location is good.

I'm not familiar with the other two hotels.

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Explore for other options. I would recommend a different Premier Inn at the County Hall, next to London Eye, across the river from Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, etc. Location great for taking the buses to any where you like! Here's a link to bus maps I have stayed in London for various reasons through the year (40+ trips) at different price ranges and areas. Although near St. Pancras International, I would not stay in Camden or near Paddington/Sussex gardens area both are dismal areas and I don't feel safe in either area at night.

To arrive at the other premier inn, take the underground from Heathrow, alight at Hammersmith and board a District Line Train to Westminster. Changing lines at Hammersmith is easy, get off and wait for a District train to arrive at the same platform. Kids will be thrilled when they leave the Westminster station, Big Ben is right there! Walk across the bridge and take a left towards the Eye, the Premier Inn is right there! Many buses head up to St. Pancras/Kings Cross station, do your homework and enjoy the bus ride to the Eurostar.

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I have stayed at the PI County Hall, but I am guessing that current rates for PI Kensington are better. In my experience, you're better off booking Premier Inns online. You do most of your contact with them online and even check-in is done at a kiosk, but they have lots of staff to make sure it goes smoothly. It was a great experience and it seems to cater to families.

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I have stayed there twice and agree they have a nice staff and cater to families. Booking online is best with premier inns

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It is our opinion, as with many other people, that you always book your room directly through the hotel's website. If you book through a third party, you will not earn the hotel points associated with say Hilton, IHG, etc. Booking directly through the hotel, you will be guaranteed the exact room you requested also. You can always cancel the room without penalties, if you book with the hotel directly. If you email the hotel directly, you will have a direct contact with a hotel employee. We always think it is nice to have somebody to meet when we get to the hotel also. You feel as though you have a friend at the location already. After making a reservation, I continue to communicate with that employee and ask if there is a lower rate than what I had already booked.

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I don't believe that you can do that with Premier Inns, Elaine.

There are three sets of prices at a Premier Inn, paid in advance nonrefundable and non changeable; pay on the day, refundable until certain time; and with breakfast.

I have never known a Premier Inn to lower the (already low) price.

I don't believe it is possible to make a reservation a Premier Inn directly - if you don't put it on the app or website anybody that you see across the desk (only some have desks) will just put you on the website.

That certainly works for the Holiday Inns you like.

Also, since Nitu asked a flurry of questions in January they have never come back so the odds are a) they are not looking at these Forums which they bumped into in passing and b) their questions have been long ago answered or ignored.